7 Steps For Healthy Weight Loss


7-steps for weight loss
There are many ways you can ‘make’ your body lose weight, but to lose weight in a healthy way and stay slim too, means learning about and understanding your unique body so that you can make good choices in what and how and when you eat – not just ‘when you’re on a diet’ – but for life. Please note this doesn’t mean dieting for life—for that would be soul destroying rather see it as a new way of eating that is healthier and it still allows for the occasional treat of any food or drink that you love. The EatWell.BeWell. programs help learn how to do this based on 7 Steps for Healthy Weight Loss.

Clean Eating iconHealthy ‘Clean’ Eating is at the heart of all of the Eat Well—Be Well programs. Clean Eating is choosing natural and fresh foods, which ideally are organic, seasonal and locally grown as these foods provide your body with the very best nutrients. It’s about choosing foods that don’t have added sugar, food preservatives or additives in them. Nor food that has been overly processed. The Eat Well—Be Well program is also based on the latest nutritional wisdom so that meals are balanced for your nutritional needs. This helps your digestive system to become more efficient, helps keep your blood sugar levels steady giving you more energy and helps create healthy weight loss. Changing to Clean Eating requires changes to what you eat but it doesn’t mean you can’t have the occasional treat of any food or drink that you love: I will show you how to make this transition easy. See Clean Eating for more information.
emotional eating icon Heal Your Emotional Eating. The vast majority of women have a degree of comfort, emotional or psychological eating patterns. Just knowing what to eat will not override the emotional or stressed-out desire to eat. Also know it’s absolutely is nothing to do with willpower for I know that most women struggling with their weight have masses of willpower already. It’s the emotional messages that need to change. To help release the emotions that are holding you back or are leading you to self-sabotage, I teach EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is both powerful, yet easy to learn. Without these emotional triggers to eat when you’re not hungry, healthy weight loss will be so much easier and staying slim will be a natural process too. Find out more about EFT for Weight Loss.

understanding food cravings icon Understand Food Cravings. Some cravings are definitely emotional, but others are down to your body trying to fix things. For example you might be craving sugar to help you feel better – and for a nano-second after eating a sweet treat you will feel better – but then the guilt of ‘giving-in’ makes you feel worse. Meantime your body has to correct the high blood sugar levels which can lead to the storage of body fat, and frequently crashes your blood sugar levels making you want even more sweet treats! This topic is an important one to understand for healthy weight loss and is taught in depth in the Eat Well—Be Well programs.

adjust portion sizes iconAdjust Your Portion Sizes. Most people assume that losing weight means eating less, equating weight loss with starving which immediately triggers primal fears. Although it is good to really know what  physical hunger feels like—for example when doing a  Fast—enforced hunger makes you cranky, miserable AND it is more likely make you want to binge on all of the wrong foods which is counterproductive for  healthy weight loss. During the Eat Well—Be Well programs you will be eating much larger portions of vegetables than before. You will have good amounts of protein and small amounts of fats which keeps you feeling full. I don’t want for people to go hungry for it is totally counter-productive to weight loss.

intolerance testing icon Intolerance Testing. Many people unknowingly suffer with a sensitivity or an intolerance to wheat and to a lesser degree to dairy. Surely people would know this already? Not necessarily. If wheat (or diary) are ingested every day, the body has become adept at coping with it, but this does impact on the effectiveness of the digestive system. During the Eat Well—Be Well programs I will guide you through an elimination test by doing a Body Cleanse  and then, on a wheat and dairy free body, carefully test your reaction to small amounts. I don’t believe in eliminating good wholesome foods on a whim so this is the way you can really tell whether or not this is an issue for you. You may be interested to read Elaine’s story about her intolerance to dairy.

nutrition iconNutrition & Digestion. Your unique and amazing body has it’s own needs for nutrients depending on your age, hormone levels, physical activity and stress levels. When you gain a greater understanding of your digestive system and which foods help healthy weight loss, then you can make wiser choices when you shop, cook and eat. Your immune system is 70% dependent on a healthy digestive system. Making even small changes to your diet can have a HUGE impact on your health, your energy levels and your overall feeling of well-being.

exercising iconFind Your Way Of Exercising. To be and stay well, your body needs to move. We lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle so we need to find time and our own way of exercising that fits easily into our lives—otherwise we won’t do it. It also has to be something that we personally like—or again, it won’t be maintained. Exercising burns body fat, tones muscles and increases bone density AND it makes you feel good. Exercise increases your basal metabolic rate for up to 12 hours after exercising so you are burning more calories even when sitting if you have recently exercised compared to if you haven’t. Gyms are most definitely not for everyone and if you don’t like them, they are NOT the answer for you. Walking, joining a class or a team sport that you enjoy, or exercise DVDs/apps are all good options – it about finding the one(s) that match your life.

Incorporating the 7 Steps for Healthy Weight Loss

I believe that you are more intelligent than you are given credit for when it comes to weight loss. I know you already know a lot because I’m willing to bet this isn’t the first time you have tried to lose weight. But there is more to know and I will be honoured to teach you more based on my Naturopathic Nutrition training and over a decade of helping people as a Life Coaching and Emotional Healer. Going on a prescriptive diet that doesn’t explain why you need to eat the meals isn’t going to work. Nor will one diet work for everyone because your body is unique—besides you already know that I don’t believe in diets!

Many women’s magazines and many online programs promise you “Lose 7 lbs in 7 days” – they fail to mention that whilst this might be true, you are likely to very soon regain the 7 lbs and perhaps even more. This isn’t the answer for healthy weight loss and staying slim.

The Eat Well—Be Well programs are for 3-months. This gives you time to learn, absorb and incorporate the 7 steps. It’s not a race to lose weight: rather it’s about steadily losing weight and becoming much healthier.

If you are ready to embark on this journey with me, please pop over to the Live Classes by Phone and Online Program.