Body Cleanse to Detoxify


vegetables in readiness for a body cleanse
Your body is awesome in so many ways. It knows and does things without you consciously thinking about it. It has the most amazing healing abilities too and, remarkably, it continues to function extremely well even in adverse conditions like carrying excess weight, a stressful lifestyle and not enough sleep. Given the chance to return to its natural weight, your body will become much stronger and it will be far less likely to ‘break-down’ or suffer from disease or illnesses. Doing a Body Cleanse helps to kick-start your body back to natural health.


The first step of the Eat Well—Be Well programs is to do a Body Cleanse—detoxifying your body of all the chemicals you have eaten in foods including: preservatives, flavourings, sweeteners, colourings, thickeners and food modifying agents. The Body Cleanse also asks you to avoid eating (and drinking) anything with added sugar, wheat, caffeine and alcohol. Most dairy is eliminated too—or if you believe dairy is problematic for you, then all dairy is excluded.

Reading this you may begin to wonder what on earth you will be eating during the Body Cleanse! I know it sounds daunting, but you will be eating lots of food including vegetables, fruit, grains, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish and some meat too. A body cleanse is not a fast. Fasts can be very healing in their own right: but this is not what this is.

The length of a Body Cleanse is dependent on which program you choose. For the Live Classes by Phone, or Live Classes on Portland in the Body Cleanse is for 4-weeks plus 2 weeks for testing of sensitivity to wheat and dairy. For the Online Program the Body Cleanse has the option to do 2 or 4-weeks plus 2 weeks of testing. Why is this different? I believe that 6 weeks is the optimal length of time as it gives your digestive tract a complete rest from the chemical overload that it has to normally deal with. On the phone or classes on Portland, you work with a buddy, plus live weekly support from me which makes it easier to get through this big change to your eating. For the Online Program there is still a lot of online and email support, but it is more doing it under your own steam. So on the Online Program I ask people to do a minimum of 2 week and encourage people to 4 weeks if they are in a good place and/or are working through the program with a friend.

During your Body Cleanse I don’t want, nor do I recommend for you to be hungry at all. As contrary as this may seem, hunger is counter-productive to initial weight loss. Instead see the Body Cleanse for what it really is: a healing, cleansing process from where you can begin to test and experiment with what your body, likes, digests easily and/or what causes bloating, gas and problems with bowel movements. You will find out what energises you and which foods (or drinks) sap your life force.

Is it easy? No—but is LESS challenging than you think. AND it’s just for a few weeks. AND I will be there—every step of the way.


During the Body Cleanse you will probably lose 7–10lbs of excess weight depending on how unhealthy and or how much convenience and ready meals you currently consume.

All of my Eat Well—Be Well programs provide advice about shopping, what to eat and how to find healthy alternatives. Yes, buying, preparing and eating your food will take a little more time than you are probably used to, although most of this time is just because it’s unfamiliar. As you get used to it, you will discover your own shortcuts. I will give you tips and show you lots of ways to minimise this extra time too. The rewards for giving yourself natural foods is far more than the weight loss: it will give you a real boost of energy, your complexion will glow once more, and it will improve your sleep too. Most of all I believe your curiosity about food will be reawakened as you begin to experiment with different foods, different tastes and how the different foods help your body be the best it can be. You can do it! I know you can! So come and join me to change your life and health for the better. And, of course, shed your excess pounds too.