Clean Eating

bread-in-basket Does Eating Bread Cause Problems? - I grew-up just a few doors down from a local baker and the aroma of freshly baked bread is still evocative of that time, yet eating bread today for me is challenging for like so many I am now intolerant to gluten. Find out more about the potential problems of eating bread.
smoothies-grouped Smoothies – Are they good for you? - I am a great fan of smoothies—but not all smoothies are created equal. It depends on the ingredients. Today I would like to help you understand the differences between those that are nutritionally good for you, and can aid in
comparing-yoghurts-icon What’s in your favourite strawberry yoghurt? - We are 'sold' the message that yoghurt is healthy—good for us—and natural, live yoghurt is. What though of commercial fruit yoghurts. Are they healthy? Or should we avoid them?
vegetarian-protein Protein and Weight Loss—does eating more protein help? - Since the advent of the Atkins Diet there have been many myths about protein and weight loss. Does eating more protein help? How much protein do I need to eat? Which food has the best source of protein?
Healthy eating How do I become slim without dieting? - Are you an habitual dieter? Losing weight, putting it back on then dieting again? Truly this is madness and makes you unhappy too. It's time to find a new way…
gin-or-sparkling-water Alcohol And Weight Loss: Can you drink AND lose weight? - Most people enjoy alcohol and have no desire to give it up and yet many reading this, also desire to lose weight. Are the two desires mutually exclusive?
milks-icon Which Milk Is Best? Cows, Rice, Soya Or…? - On the supermarket shelves there are so many different alternative milks available. All make health claims—which one though is best for you?
good-fats-fish Low Fat vs Good Fats—which really helps with weight loss? - The message of 'Low Fat' has been drummed into us so much we haven't always considered what this has involved to the food we buy. Good Fats by contrast are needed by our body…
corn-icon Effects Of Sugar On Obesity: how war and corn played a part - The story of how the Vietnam War, a food cost crisis and a Japanese invention have all had an impact on our growing waistlines. Discover why in this article.
carbs-montage-icon Are You Confused About Carbs? - When people talk about carbohydrates (carbs), they think of grains and sugars—which they are—but vegetables and fruit are also carbs. Learn more about how your carb choices impact on your weight.
popcorn-w250 How Advertising Influences Food Choices - Our food buying decisions are heavily influenced by the media. The colours, offers and even the shape of the packaging can draw us in. Find out how to avoid 'being-sold-to'.
woman-stomachache-icon Boxing Day Hangover And My Sugar Addiction - Overdone it over Christmas? All is not lost - first forgive yourself then let me help you get back on track.
mocktail-icon Festive mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks - Choosing not to drink alcohol doesn't mean you can't join in the celebrations or be boring with sparkling water or OJ. Discover a whole host of delicious non-alcoholic drinks.
butter-in-dish-icon Butter or margarine? Which is best? - Powerful advertising has promoted margarine to be the healthy option over butter, but is it?
cola-icon Zero calories – please don’t be fooled! - Globally 1.7 billion servings of Coca Cola are drunk each day. What though is in this drink? And how is it impacting on your health?
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