hazelnut-almond-butter Roasted Almond And Hazelnut Butter - This delicious almond and hazelnut butter is easy-to-make. It's rich in nutrients and good fats. Eating a small amount regularly can help with weight loss as it is very filling and satisfying and so reduces your appetite.
baked-beans-flatbread Home-made Baked Beans - Home-made Bakes beans have been a revelation to me. They are easy-to-make, freeze very well and they are nuttier in texture and dare I say, taste more delicious too.
flatbread-on-pan Easy To Make Flatbreads — wheat and wheat-free recipes - These very easy to make flatbreads can be made with either a regular self-raising flour or wheat-free by using buckwheat or buckwheat and oat flours. You can cook them just one at a time, or make a batch for freezing.
miso-noodles-soup Japanese Style Miso Noodle Soup - I love Japanese food. Traditional miso soup has a strong flavour, so this miso noodle soup is an east-meets-west version that is less strong and yet still includes miso and tofu, both made from fermented soya beans providing you with protein, fibre, an array of vitamin and minerals and bacteria that benefits your digestive system.
rainbow-trout-lemons Rainbow Trout with a dash of ‘pep’ - I love this easy-and-quick-to-make Rainbow Trout with a Dash of Pep. it is both nutritious—a good source of Omega3—and delicious.
plums-icon Sweet Stewed Plums - Sometimes we (including me!) just need reminding of simple food ideas. Sweet stewed plums hardly counts as a recipe it's so easy - yet it makes a delicious dessert.
chia pudding Chia Pudding—with raspberry and mango - This makes an excellent breakfast as it's crammed full of an amazing array of nutrients - it's also very filling and delicious so can easily be served as a satisfying dessert too.
strawberry-delight-icon Strawberry Delight – a nutritious dessert - This super-easy to make dessert has a great source of protein, which slows down the sugar absorption form the fruit - and it tastes good too!
salmon-parcel-icon Salmon Parcels — fast, easy and no pans to wash! - Cooking salmon and vegetables in a parchment parcel is quick and easy - and best of all - no washing of pots required!
overnight-oats-icon Raspberry Overnight Oats - Overnight Oats - the latest health craze - but one that I think will be hear to stay as they are so quick and easy to prepare, healthy AND they taste delicious too.
Porridge Porridge – with cinnamon, nuts, seeds and fruit - Porridge for breakfast is a comforting way to start the day. Oats contain good levels of protein and, despite containing gluten, are far less likely to cause digestive problems compared to wheat.
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