Eat Well—Be Well Programs – an overview

Lose weight naturally, healthily and easily

I know this may sound strange, but I don’t want for you to diet any more. Not ever. For in the long run diets will never work. When you join the Eat Well—Be Well programs, I want for you to:

  • Fall in love with food
  • Begin treating your body as your best friend, not your enemy
  • Learn about nutrition and digestion, so you can make good food choices
  • And let go of trying to be perfect.

Fall in love with food? Isn’t this already the problem? Loving and eating too much food? Maybe, but probably not. The food I’m talking about is real, natural, fresh – not the processed food that fills so many of our supermarket shelves. And difficulties around losing weight are rarely just about the food you eat. There is usually one or more of the following going on for you too:

  • Food addiction(s)
  • Poor body image
  • Yoyo weight-loss and weight gain
  • Lack of self-worth and poor self-esteem
  • Comfort eating
  • Eating processed foods (especially those ‘sold’ as healthy, low-fat food)
  • Secret eating
  • Binge eating
  • Psychological self-sabotaging­­
  • Poor eating habits
  • Rewarding and punishing yourself with food and drinks
  • Chasing instant fixes (e.g. crash dieting “Lose 7lbs in 7 days” diets)
  • Telling yourself (and others) that it’s impossible for you to lose weight
  • And perhaps, possibly unknown to you, food intolerances.

I’m sure in the past you have tried many diets and have read a lot about weight loss. And yet I know there is a still lot of confusion about weight loss – made worse by powerful advertising messages such as Coke Cola’s “zero calories” ads. My approach is to teach rather than to tell. Metaphorically, I want to give you a fishing rod rather than just give you the fish. In this way you can discover what your unique body needs, find out how to lose weight in a healthy, natural way and and more importantly, stay slim.

My Eat Well—Be Well programs are based on Naturopathic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Emotional Healing using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and are designed to help you change the way you eat for life — not just for a set time of a diet. Please also know that this doesn’t mean dieting for life either! Naturally slim people aren’t martyrs: they enjoy treats and seasonal treats at times like Christmas and Easter – and so can you, as you learn how how to balance your meals with your body needs. Yes, what you eat needs to change, but isn’t it time to find a way to become and STAY slim?

Please see my 3-month, Healthy Weight Loss Programs my to find out more. For dates of the next program, please see the side column.