EFT for Weight Loss

EFT Healing: Releasing The Need To Eat Emotionally

EFT for weight loss

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a very simple technique to learn and use and I’m a huge advocate of using EFT for Weight Loss as nearly everyone will have some negative emotional behaviours to what they eat and/or be unhappy with their body image. Let’s look at the how and why of emotional eating and how EFT can help.

Consider this: are there times when you eat even though you’re not hungry?  Are there times when you rip the wrapping off a chocolate bar and you eat it so fast that you hardly even taste it?  Or times when you tell yourself you will eat just one biscuit, but moments later you reach for another and before long the whole packet has been demolished?

And afterwards, do you feel awful, ashamed, utterly disappointed in yourself. and confused, upset and ashamed?  Please know it is not just you who does this – emotional eating like this is very common.  And please know it has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of willpower.  Rather it is simply the way you have learnt to cope and deal with emotions that are (seemingly) too difficult to deal with—most of which are at a subconscious level so you may not know what is triggering it in the first place.  EFT is a relatively easy way to change these ‘triggers’ that are causing you to overeat and/or binge.

What Exactly Is EFT?

EFT is a powerful healing tool that combines the ancient wisdom of meridian energy (as used in acupuncture) with modern psychology which enables rapid change.  EFT involves tapping on meridian points (see the diagram above) whilst saying the very things that you don’t wish to admit to, acknowledge or accept—even though the statement is true. An example of this might look like, “Even though I feel sad when I look at my body in the mirror”  or “Even though I feel ashamed when I know I’ve eaten too much chocolate” and so forth. In EFT we always begin with the negatives, then as we continue to tap, the wording changes as the tapping continues, firstly mixing it up and then finally changing it into what it is you would like to be (or to happen) using a a ‘recipe’ of tapping and specific words.  This allows you to release powerful emotions like shame, guilt, fear, sadness, sorrow or any heavy emotions which are acting as stumbling blocks.

It sounds a little strange I know, but it’s a scientifically proven therapy that is used across the world to make huge changes in people’s lives, not just with weight loss.  EFT is very easy to learn, yet is a powerful tool in helping you heal your overeating and/or poor body image.  In the EatWell.BeWell. programs I will teach you how to do it: no previous experience is needed.  For those joining the Live Classes, there is a section in “The Journal” that has full instructions with a series of EFT ‘recipes’ that we will do together in the classes and for those of you doing the Online Program, full instructions and videos will be provided.

How Does EFT Help With Weight Loss?

Whilst you may recognise emotional eating is something that you do, very few people understand just how much their emotions trigger overeating binges, self sabotaging acts or that they are really self-medicating with food as a way to dull, numb and avoid painful feelings.  When you are empty inside, it’s often not hunger for food that is causing of the emptiness.  Many women who have become overweight no longer love themselves (or at least not fully) because all they see in the mirror is a podgy, bumpy body that may even have excess fat folds.

EFT helps you accept and begin to love your body just as it is right now.  And from this place you empower your body to begin working with you to lose your excess weight.  When you love your body, making choices to eat good, wholesome food and exercise (gently) becomes much easier.  Again I am aware that just now this is the opposite to how you feel, but EFT will powerfully help you change your viewpoint.  I also recognise that for some of you, just the thought of doing EFT for weight loss requires taking a big leap in faith.  I want to reassure you again that this is a scientifically proven therapy and that at the last Online EFT World Summit that I attended, over 150,000 people took part.  All I ask is that you try it and keep an open mind as to how it can change your life.  It has changed mine and I want for you to experience the same changes too!

Discover More About EFT

To read more about Emotional Freedom Technique in general, please read my article: EFT: Emotional Baggage Clearance on my Red Dandelion website.  The following link is to a 7 minute demonstration video on YouTube with one of my EFT heros, Nick Ortner.  For more about the science and theory of EFT and energy healing, see Bruce Lipton’s 34 minute video which explains  how the conscious and subconscious minds work and Dr Dawson Church’s 13 minute video which explains how the different areas of your brain work and how EFT changes your inner wiring.