Emotional Eating

woman-comfort-eating-fridge How to stop comfort eating in the evening - Comfort eating—raiding the fridge when we get home—usually ends with us feeling dismayed, sad or angry with our behaviour. It feels like a compulsion and it can also lead to weight gain. Discover how to change this habit so you are no longer driven to do this.
stressed-woman-office Can stress cause weight gain? 5 tips to stay calm and slim - We are living a stressed-out world and it's causing havoc with our weight. Learn what happens in the body when we are stressed and discover 5 Tips to let go of stress, stay calm and slim.
stressed-eating-icon Comfort eating when stressed? Why do we do this? - Comfort eating can be triggered by old behaviour patterns that began when you were a tiny baby. You can begin to change this habit by becoming more aware of why you are doing this.
woman-eat-bisc-icon Carrying Excess Weight? It’s not JUST the food you eat… - It's not just what you eat that leads to weight gain and difficulties in losing weight - find out what else may be getting in your way of returning to your natural, healthy weight.
angel_devil-icon A Lack Of Willpower? Luckily this isn’t vital for weight loss - If you have tried countless diets, it is NOT because you lack will-power. In fact your will-power is probably stronger than most people because you haven't given up. Discover what's really going on for you.
unconscious-eat-icon Are You Eating Mindlessly? - Do you eat on the go? Or eat whilst at your desk or watching TV? What are the consequences on our waist-lines when we do this?
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