Healthy Weight Loss

woman-craving-cake How to improve your willpower around food - Discover how to increase your willpower around food and drink by creating an 'If… then' contract. It's much easier than you might imagine.
woman-chocolate-tape Can you eat chocolate and lose weight? - Most people have a sweet weakness—and for many it is chocolate. Can you eat chocolate and lose weight? Is it possible? What about cake, biscuits, crisps and all of those other rich foods?
woman-6-myths-facts Have you been sold weight loss myths? - Day and night we are sold the idea of weight loss, cleverly presented in persuasive TV Ads. Yet these ads are often based on myths: not the facts about weight loss. In this article uncover 6 of the biggest weight loss myths and learn the facts.
cinnamon-sticks How cinnamon can help with weight loss - I love how cinnamon adds a sweet, rich flavour to both sweet and spicy dishes. It also has powerful health benefits including helping to regulate blood sugar levels which can help with weight loss.
woman-comfort-eating-fridge How to stop comfort eating in the evening - Comfort eating—raiding the fridge when we get home—usually ends with us feeling dismayed, sad or angry with our behaviour. It feels like a compulsion and it can also lead to weight gain. Discover how to change this habit so you are no longer driven to do this.
woman-sleeping-peaceful How good sleep can help you become slimmer - Leptin and Ghrelin are hormones that control our appetite and hunger. Poor sleep can adversely effect the quality of our sleep and may lead to weight gain—so improving our sleep not only helps us feel better, it can also help us become slimmer too.
woman-glass-water Going dry in January can boost weight loss - Going dry in January is increasingly popular. Without alcohol to process, your hard-working liver gets a rest which after just 2 weeks helps restore itself. Read more about how going dry helps your waist-line and your health.
healthy-woman-new-year-tips New Year’s Resolutions For Weight Loss - In the UK, New Year's Resolutions for Weight Loss are at the top of most people's list. These 7 Life Coaching Tips will help you achieve your goals for the New Year.
sugar-roller-coaster Are your blood sugar levels on a roller-coaster? - Concern about blood sugar levels is often associated with Type 2 Diabetes—but if your blood sugar is on a roller-coaster, this can easily impact on your weight. Learn how to better manage your blood sugar levels.
bread-in-basket Does Eating Bread Cause Problems? - I grew-up just a few doors down from a local baker and the aroma of freshly baked bread is still evocative of that time, yet eating bread today for me is challenging for like so many I am now intolerant to gluten. Find out more about the potential problems of eating bread.
calories-abacus Do Calories Count? How many calories a day do I need? - Counting calories has been the traditional way of losing weight—but how many calories do you need? And is this the best way to lose weight? I'd like to share with you how calories count—yet it's best not to count them. Find out more…
fridge-friuit-veg-eggs Weight Loss In January – fill up with goodness - It's time to sweep away Christmas leftovers and restock your kitchen with lots of nutritious fruit and vegetables.
woman-swimming-pool Best Way To Lose Weight In January. Step 1 Acceptance - Early in January there is a desire to 'do' something about weight loss, yet the first and best step you can take is acceptance and forgiveness. From a loving place it is so much easier to embrace weight loss rather than hating yourself.
smoothies-grouped Smoothies – Are they good for you? - I am a great fan of smoothies—but not all smoothies are created equal. It depends on the ingredients. Today I would like to help you understand the differences between those that are nutritionally good for you, and can aid in
drinking enough water Are you drinking enough water? - Drinking 8 glasses of water a-day has become a mantra to many - but as glass sizes vary so much - how much is this really? Does it really make a difference to weight loss?
yoyo-measure-tape Tips For Weight Loss – How to stop yo-yoing - Are you stuck on the weight loss / weight gain yo-yo? Would you like to find a way to stop this? Here are 3-simple steps that help you lose weight and help you stay slim.
vegetarian-protein Protein and Weight Loss—does eating more protein help? - Since the advent of the Atkins Diet there have been many myths about protein and weight loss. Does eating more protein help? How much protein do I need to eat? Which food has the best source of protein?
slim-tummy-tape-icon How To Reduce Belly Fat — and lose your muffin top! - Bums, tums and thighs—especially tums—are areas that so many women dislike about themselves. Discover how to slim down and get your bikini tummy back.
Afraid of the scales Are you afraid of your bathroom scales? - Do you, Bridgette Jones like, weigh yourself daily? Or will nothing get on them for fear of what they might say? It's time to start using them as a tool - not a weapon.
Being hungry How hunger can stop you losing weight - When your stomach empties, it sends out a message for more food. If this is ignored for a long-time it can so easily lead to overeating.
hating-body-w140 Learning to love your body
—just as it is now
- Do you hate your body? It's so very hard to be kind and gentle to your body if you come from a place of hate. Are you willing to embark on a healing journey to begin loving your body once more?
Healthy eating How do I become slim without dieting? - Are you an habitual dieter? Losing weight, putting it back on then dieting again? Truly this is madness and makes you unhappy too. It's time to find a new way…
Reaching a healthy weight How do you reach your healthy weight? - What is your healthy weight? Whilst your bathroom scales are a useful tool, they don't tell the whole picture. It's time to discover what your healthy weight is and how to get there.
gin-or-sparkling-water Alcohol And Weight Loss: Can you drink AND lose weight? - Most people enjoy alcohol and have no desire to give it up and yet many reading this, also desire to lose weight. Are the two desires mutually exclusive?
woman-eat-bisc-icon Carrying Excess Weight? It’s not JUST the food you eat… - It's not just what you eat that leads to weight gain and difficulties in losing weight - find out what else may be getting in your way of returning to your natural, healthy weight.
eyes-deceive-icon We Eat With Our Eyes – and they deceive us! - We eat (and drink) with our eyes. These glasses each contain 200 ml - but they don't look the same! See how glass, plate and dish sizes impact on what you eat and drink.
family-influ-icon How Family Influence Eating Habits – and your friends too! - From early childhood we receive powerful messages about what we should eat that influence our eating habits today. Learn how to change your eating habits.
angel_devil-icon A Lack Of Willpower? Luckily this isn’t vital for weight loss - If you have tried countless diets, it is NOT because you lack will-power. In fact your will-power is probably stronger than most people because you haven't given up. Discover what's really going on for you.
christmas-dinner-icon Christmas Without Gaining Weight? Is It Possible? - Christmas dinner and all the goodies of the season are to be enjoyed: this is not a time to be a martyr over what you eat and yet it doesn't have to be a disaster for your weight either.
unconscious-eat-icon Are You Eating Mindlessly? - Do you eat on the go? Or eat whilst at your desk or watching TV? What are the consequences on our waist-lines when we do this?
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