Nutritious Breakfast Starter Kit



If you haven’t ever tried a superfood smoothie for breakfast, it can be a little daunting to purchase the full-size superfood ingredients. If you like them, then when you buy the full-size packs, a super-nutritious breakfast will cost no more than a fancy coffee at Costa, so to me this a is great investment in your health.

To give you a chance to try these highly nutritious breakfasts before buying the full-size packs, I’ve created the Breakfast Starter Kit which provides all of the superfood and speciality ingredients for the following 5 breakfasts:




chia pudding


Zingy Mango Smoothie – with mint.
Creamy Raspberry Smoothie
Cherry Punch Smoothie
Chia Pudding – with raspberry and mango
Buckwheat Pancakes – with blueberries and walnuts

starter-kit-sachetschia-pudding-sachet All of the superfood ingredients in the Breakfast Starter Kit are in vacuum sealed sachets to ensure they keep their freshness.

Each Starter Kit box contains:
2 sachets of whey (isolate) protein
1 sachet of organic hemp protein
3 sachets of highest quality greens powder
3 sachets of organic, cold pressed coconut oil
1 sachet of wholegrain, buckwheat flour
1 sachet of Chia Pudding mix: (chia seeds, pumpkins seeds, goji berries and almonds)
plus the recipes

To make the breakfasts, all you need to purchase are the everyday ingredients such as frozen fruit and non-dairy milk. Please note the making of the smoothies requires a blender or smoothie maker that is able to easily manage blitzing frozen fruit.


For the launch of the Breakfast Starter Kit, they are being sold at just £15 plus p&p £2.50. To purchase, please go to ORDER ONLINE

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