Salmon Parcels — fast, easy and no pans to wash!

salmon in a parcel

I love cooking salmon parcels (I also use this method for chicken and other fish too) because it’s so quick and easy. It steams the food inside, minimising nutrient loss and, as an added bonus, there are no pans to wash afterwards!

Per person
• 1 small piece of salmon fillet (rainbow trout also works well)
• ½ red onion finely chopped
• 1 clove garlic – very finely chopped (or crushed)
• a little butter
• herbs – fresh if you can: or dried mixed herbs or Herbs de Provence
• Black pepper
• Veggies of your choice – chopped into chunks. Choose 2 or 3 different ones: leeks, green beans, carrots, sugar snap peas, mangetout, or broccoli
• Parchment paper

On an oven baking tray place a long strip of parchment paper approx. 60 cm long. Place the salmon on the middle of the paper. Make 3 cuts into the flesh. Smear a LITTLE butter into the cuts. Push the garlic into the cuts too. Sprinkle the herbs all over the salmon. Grind black paper over the whole too. Now add your chopped veggies. Take the long ends of the parchment paper over the salmon and fold over several times. Now do the same with the short ends too. So it looks like the photo above. Place in hot oven (mark 6 or 200°C) and cook for 25 minutes.

Eat Well—Be Well :-)

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