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3-Month Program: naturally, healthily and easily lose weight


Do you want to lose weight naturally, healthily, easily—and STAY slim?

In the past, when I struggled with my weight, I tried so many different diets. On some I lost weight: some I didn’t and on some I even gained weight! And with them all, I ultimately, put the weight back on, which is was utterly depressing. I know first hand it is the ‘STAY SLIM’ part that is more important than just losing weight.

Imagine, for a moment what it would be like to reach your ideal weigh and stay there? That would be great wouldn’t it? And, you can do it without any gimmicks, or silly diets too in my healthy weight loss classes. Even more, by adapting the way you eat, you are far more likely to see a boost in your energy levels, improve your sleep and generally feel better.

Deep down, I’m sure you know already that diets simply don’t work in the long run. Instead there has to be a new approach to how you buy, prepare, cook and eat food. And, as I’m sure you know, it’s not just the food you eat or the drinks you consume, but also the comfort and emotional eating that can sabotage your weight loss desires, so this too needs to be released. Perhaps this sounds exciting—or maybe a little daunting?—but it is much easier to do than it sounds. My programs are carefully designed to give you more support in losing weight than you have ever had before. Over the space of 3-months, you can make massive changes to your relationship with food—and of course, you can still enjoy chocolate too: it’s not a strict regime where the foods and drinks you love are completely forbidden for that would be awful. Eating food is a wonderful experience: nothing should change that.

My Eat Well—Be Well programs are 3-months long to help support you make massive changes and they are based on the 7-Steps For Healthy Weight Loss. During the 3-months, I will teach, (life) coach, motivate, encourage and inspire you to make the changes you need to be able to enjoy food yet lose weight and stay slim. My programs weave together the principles of Naturopathic Nutrition, Life Coaching and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – all of which I’m a qualified therapist. I have been helping people make fundamental changes to their lives since 2005—and I would be honoured to help you too. For everyone who comes on my program, I want for them to not only lose weight, but to make big improvements to their overall health, energy levels and quality of their sleep. My programs

To make changes to what you eat, first you need to know a lot more about your body—including understanding the mechanics of how your body digests food, how food nourishes and supports the body and both loses and gains weight. So a key step of the 7 Steps is learning about Nutrition and Digestion. Other steps include:

  • How to choose, cook and enjoy healthy, natural food without being hungry—ever
  • Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapy to let go of emotional triggers
  • Test to see if you are sensitive or intolerant to wheat and dairy
  • Learn about portions: some bigger and some smaller
  • Get moving again.

How do the Eat Well—Be Well live classes work?

Every week of the program, you receive an invitation to join the class: dial a local-to-you telephone number (many numbers in the UK, across Europe and the USA) and with your unique PIN number, join the class. Now, you will be able to hear me and your classmates—just like a regular class, but from the comfort of your own home. We will talk about how you are progressing on your weight loss journey and I will teach you the topic of that particular week. The calls are very interactive: you have the chance to talk about what’s going on for you, and be able to address your blocks, frustrations as well as celebrate your successes.

Jennie Bayliss running a live weight loss class via the phone.This is me on my headset talking to the class. The classes are weekly in the evenings at 7.30 pm, usually on a Thursday evening, apart from the Intro Class which is typically on a Monday. See the side panel for dates of the next program.

join-button The classes are very small—for a maximum of 10 people at a time. This means you get masses of personalised attention from me to deal with your own challenges.

As part of the program, you will receive your 36-page soft-cover ‘The Journal’ which contains all of the information to get going on the Body Cleanse. The Journal also contains charts to monitor your progress plus the EFT recipes that we use during the program. Every week, after each class, you will receive comprehensive notes for the week ahead which includes the topic of the week along with additional notes to further your learning. These are sent as PDF files via email.

Working With Your Buddy

buddies-headandshouldersI will arrange for you to have a buddy who, like you, will be doing the program. During the first 5-weeks, you will have a daily, quick 5 minute call with each other. You will learn how to do some basic coaching to help your buddy: and she will help you too. To have someone who is there for you, and understands what it’s like to be going through the change, makes such a difference to your success. Many buddies go on to become real friends too – which is wonderful too.

What is Included in the 3-month Program

The 3-month Live Weight Loss Classes of the EatWell.BeWell program includes:

  • 13½ hours of LIVE telephone calls with me plus ‘Listen Again’ option.
  • Comprehensive notes emailed to you after each call.
  • A 36-page soft-cover guide, The Journal, with explanations, charts and notes as well as the EFT recipes that we use in the classes.
  • An introduction to your buddy
  • Email support from me if you get stuck or need some personal advice.
  • Detailed review of your 2nd Food Diary with shorter notes given on your 3rd Food Diary
  • Personal help every step of the way

The cost for the program is £245. This is an investment in yourself to make big, massive changes to your life. Eat Well—Be Well is unlike any other weight-loss program available because it focuses on you, it improves your health and heals the emotional side of overeating, which is crucial for successful, healthy weight loss.

See the side-column for the next program dates.

How to Book

join-buttonTo book and reserve your place, please pay online. Remember, there are a maximum of 10 places for each group.

If you wish to have a chat, or have any queries, please call me on 01305 821799 or email me, or complete the enquiry form below and I will get in touch with you as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you and helping you become slim, stay slim and improve your health.

EatWell.BeWell live classes

Watch the above video for more on the Live Classes.

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