The Weight Loss Coach: Meet Jennie

Getting To Know Me – As Your Healthy Weight Loss Coach

The weight loss coach Jennie Bayliss
How nice to meet you!  Of course I don’t know you (yet) but I’m guessing the reason you’ve landed on this page is because you’re wondering who I am and why I might be the person to help you lose weight and, perhaps more importantly, stay slim?  So let me introduce myself…

I’m a Healthy Weight Loss Coach, Life Coach and Emotional Healer.  I’m 56 (which I sort-of feel OK about!), I have 2 grown-up daughters and I adore sea swimming.  In 2013 I swam around my home island of Portand – that’s me (in the photo above) swimming past the iconic Portland Bill lighthouse.

reddand-web-w180I have been blessed with a varied and adventurous life that has included working and living in 4 different countries with 3 very different careers.  In 2002, after 13 years of trading, I sold my graphic design business and I began a 3-year training course to become a Life & Business Coach.  Subsequently I also trained to become an EFT Practitioner and Emotional Healer.  Over the years I have coached many hundreds of people to help them become happier, healthier and more successful in their lives and/or with their small businesses.  As I work increasingly with helping women to lose weight, I’m slowly doing less Life Coaching.

jashouse-web-w180In 2009, I realised a big dream by buying a big house on the beautiful Isle of Portland.  The Jasmine House (as it is now called) was renovated and it is now a retreat house – an oasis of calm allowing people to ‘step-off-the-world’ for awhile to heal their emotional traumas and regain their sense of purpose.  Since opening the house, I’ve hosted over 140 personal retreats.  I’m now also offering an exclusive Healthy Weight Loss Retreat at The Jasmine House.

2009 was also the year that I discovered Clean Eating, which radically changed how and what I ate.  I lost weight and haven’t regained it (a big change from my former yo-yo-ing days).  My health was usually good, but now it’s great and I sleep more deeply so I awake up refreshed and raring to go.  And so from 2009, I began weaving what I was learning about Clean Eating into my coaching and healing work.

It was also at this time that my passion for nutrition was reawakened (I studied it at college: learnt more through my daughter’s food allergies and my own sporting needs).  As I learnt more about food on all levels, I was horrified to discover what really goes on behind the scenes with our food: some of it is truly shocking.  I was also stunned to discover just how much psychology is used by supermarkets, food outlets and food manufacturers to influence both what we buy and how much we eat.

Ayurveda, and in particular the Ayurvedic approach to food and eating, popped up on my radar in 2010 and in 2011.  I travelled to India to attend an intense Ayurvedic Food course which made so much sense to me.  Ayurveda takes the approach that you are an individual with a unique body and so your food needs and the approach to your health and wellness has to be based on this: the idea that one-size most definitely doesn’t fit all.  Eating seasonally and according to what we are doing in life, as well as how we’re feeling (physically and mentally) is blindingly obvious when it’s pointed out.

After that course I became increasing passionate to share with women what I had learnt.  I wanted for them to wake-up in the morning feeling amazing.  For those struggling with their weight (especially yo-yo-ing as I too had done in the past) I wanted for them to discover how easy it can be to change to natural, health-giving foods, and how they could begin to make more informed choices for their unique, amazing body and their own nutritional needs.

I launched my first healthy weight loss program under the banner of Red Dandelion in September 2012.  Over the last 2 years I have been refining and adapting this program, as well as studying Naturopathic Nutrition, and now I’m so excited to be launching the EatWell.BeWell programs on this website.  It is great to finally have a proper platform where I can share my knowledge, thoughts, tips, recipes and ideas about Clean Eating, healthy weight loss and becoming truly well.

Finally, I want you to know that although I have been blessed with an unusual life,  I am just an ordinary woman who struggled for decades with her weight as it yo-yo’ed according to whether I was fit or not.  Although I’ve been interested in food and nutrition since I was in my teens, I didn’t really ‘get it’ until relatively recently.  So, I know how challenging it can be,  but if I had known what I now know my struggles with my weight would not have plagued me.  I don’t want for you to struggle any more.  I want for you to discover this way of eating today, and for you then to teach your children and your family so we move away from the foods that are literally killing us.

I’m not perfect, and I’m not expecting you to be either.  As I have changed my eating habits, I know you can too.  See my own weight loss journey to read more about this.  Every step you take in learning to love yourself (as well as ditching overly-processed foods) can and will help improve your health and allow you to let go of excess weight.  I know you can do this, just as I have done.

I eat clean food the vast majority of the time, but this doesn’t mean that I miss out on Christmas festive foods, or Easter eggs or birthday cake or enjoying meals out or, on occasion, food that is considered unhealthy.

I am committed to helping women eat well and feel better, and I would be both delighted and honoured to help you on your weight loss journey that will lead to radiant health and staying slim.

Eat Well. Be Well.

Watch the above video to get to know Jennie a little better.

Jennie in a nutshell