7 Steps for healthy weight loss

If you have struggled with your weight for years, you know it’s not so much about losing weight, rather it is the STAYING slim, that seems so elusive. I personally know how soul-destroying it is to lose weight, then put it all back on again. Diets—none of them—ever work in the long term, so please don’t keep going on a diet. To lose weight holistically, to become healthier and stay slim involves making changes for life.

Adopting new eating habits isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Yes, there are new things to learn and practice, but you can still enjoy treats—it’s just about learning how to get the right balance. For the Eat Well—Be Well programs, this is what I help you to do, following these 7 Steps.

Clean Eating iconHealthy Clean Eating is choosing natural and fresh foods, which, when possible, are organic, seasonal and locally grown. It’s choosing foods without added sugar, food preservatives or additives and ditching overly processed foods. Natural, fresh foods give your body the nutrients it needs. This helps the body, and in particular your digestive system, become more effective so your body can begin to work with you to lose weight.

emotional eating icon Heal Your Emotional Eating. Most people have some comfort, emotional or psychological eating patterns. Knowing what to eat doesn’t override an emotional or stressed-out desire to eat. And it has nothing to do with willpower. To help release the emotions that are self-sabotaging, I teach EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) which is both powerful, yet easy to learn. Without your emotional triggers to eat when you’re not hungry, it will be so much easier to lose weight. See EFT for Weight Loss.

understanding food cravings icon Understand Food Cravings. Some cravings are your body trying to get missing nutrients. More often though, they are emotionally driven. Craving sugar in particular is usually to help you feel better—and for a nano-second it may make you feel better—but afterwards guilt usually kicks in which makes you feel worse. After sweet treats, your body may have to correct a high blood sugar level which can lead to the storage of body fat. Learning how to deal with your cravings stops you from sabotaging your weight loss.

adjust portion sizes iconAdjust Your Portion Sizes. Most people assume that losing weight means eating less—equating weight loss with starving which immediately triggers primal fears. In reality, portion sizes often need to be rebalanced with some larger and some smaller. I don’t want for you to be hungry because it is counter-productive to weight loss.

intolerance testing icon Intolerance Testing. Many people unknowingly suffer with a sensitivity or an intolerance to wheat and dairy. When you eat wheat and diary daily, your body becomes adept at coping with it—but this impacts on the effectiveness of your digestive system. During the Eat Well—Be Well program, you test your body’s reaction to both wheat and dairy. Then you can tell whether or not this is an issue for you. You may be interested to read Elaine’s story about her intolerance to dairy.

nutrition iconNutrition & Digestion. Your unique and amazing body has it’s own needs for nutrients. This is dependent on your age, hormone levels, physical activity and stress levels. With a greater understanding of your digestive system and which foods help healthy weight loss, then you can make wiser choices when you shop, cook and eat. Your immune system is 70% dependent on a healthy digestive system. Even small changes to your diet can have a HUGE impact on your health, energy levels and overall feeling of well-being.

exercising iconFind Your Way Of Exercising. To be and stay well, your body needs to move. We lead an increasingly sedentary lifestyle so we need to find time and our own way of exercising It has to be something you like—or you won’t do or stick to it. Exercising burns body fat, tones muscles and increases bone density AND it makes you feel good. Exercise increases your basal metabolic rate. This means you burn more calories even when sitting if you have recently exercised compared to if you haven’t. Walking, joining a class or a team sport that you enjoy, going to a gym, or exercise DVDs/apps are all good options – it about finding the one(s) that match your life.

Incorporating the 7 Steps for Healthy Weight Loss

I believe you already know a lot about weight loss yet there there will be things you don’t know and perhaps some of your weight loss knowledge is out-dated. I would be honoured to teach you how to lose weight based on the latest Naturopathic Nutrition and over a decade of helping people as a Life Coach and Emotional Healer.

If you are ready to embark on this journey with me, find out more about how the 3-month Eat Well—Be Well program works

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