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I could talk to you until the cows came home about what it’s like to be coached by me—but it wouldn’t be the same as experiencing it. So, I’m offering a FREE 30-minute trial Life Coaching session on the phone. And I call you, no matter where in the world you live—so it doesn’t cost you anything to try it out.

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There is no selling on these trial Life Coaching calls. It’s simply a slightly shorter version of a real call. At the end I will simply ask if you would like to continue. And if you don’t, that’s totally OK. I know you will have benefited from our time together and I will have made a new acquaintance!

Three Life Coaching packages to choose from

Most life coaching sessions are on the phone. For couples coaching, and some emotional healing sessions, may be done via video using Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp. Each session is 55-minutes long.

6 Sessions. Fast-track changes to get clear, and blast through things that are holding you back. The first three sessions are taken weekly with the remaining three sessions scheduled fortnightly. This creates enough time-pressure to motivate you to get things done!

12 Sessions. This package of twelve sessions is designed to meet your coaching needs. There is a lot of flexibility for when you take your sessions. For couples in distress, these twelve sessions may be scheduled over a few days. For on-going support, or for Personal Foundation, the first few sessions are typically taken weekly to kick-start the process. Then the remaining sessions are then usually taken 2–3 weeks apart. This package provides masses of support from me to help you make significant changes to your life.

3 Sessions. Three weekly sessions are ideal for former telephone life coaching clients or for those have attended a retreat with me. This package is about picking up from where we left off, checking on your progress and working on the next challenge. It may also be booked for people who wish to further trial the life coaching process.

Special offer – 20% Discount during lockdown

In this time of uncertainty, money is tight for most people. So, I’m offering a twenty percent discount on all coaching packages. Use this once-only coupon code: SPECIAL20.

Package Sessions Cost
Fast-track your progress 6 £512
Intensive, or on-going support 12 £972
Top-up Coaching 3 £270

Click to read more about Life Coaching. Or, to find out more about me, see Jennie Bayliss.

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