Breakfasts and Smoothies

overnight oats with raspberries Raspberry Overnight Oats - Overnight Oats - the latest health craze - but one that I think will be hear to stay as they are so quick and easy to prepare, healthy AND they taste delicious too.
Linseed Bread – with pumpkin seeds - Linseed bread is an alternative to traditional bread. It's tasty, a little different and ideal if you are doing a body cleanse, have wheat intolerances, or you are healing a leaky gut or a candida overgrowth. Toasted, linseed is great with eggs, avocado or with soup.
Black Forest Gateau Smoothie – start your day decadently! - Black Forest Gateau Smoothie is for days when you want to feel special. It has a rich, chocolatey undertone, it's filling and healthy too.
chia pudding Chia Pudding—with raspberry and mango - This makes an excellent breakfast as it's crammed full of an amazing array of nutrients - it's also very filling and delicious so can easily be served as a satisfying dessert too.
Zingy Mint & Mango Smoothie - The sweetness of mango with a kick of lemon and mint will awaken your taste-buds with a delightful zing!
Cherry Punch Smoothie - The sweet and sour tartness of the cherries combines well with the slightly earthy flavour of the hemp to give this smoothie a real punch.
Creamy Raspberry Smoothie - If you're new to the world of smoothies, this creamy, raspberry smoothie is one I'm sure you will love. Delicious and really good for you!
Overnight Oats—going nutty - This is another super-easy way to start your day. The added nuts and seeds increase the protein content which helps you 'keep-goin' until lunch-time.
Poached egg Poached Eggs – with spinach and tomato - Adding green vegetables to your breakfast gives your body a boost of nutrients to start the day. And runny egg yolk on spinach is delicious too.
Semolina – with green cardamom - Green cardamom and cinnamon are both naturally sweet and make "Spicy Semolina" a warming breakfast that awaken's the senses.
spicy scrambled eggs Spicy Eggs – with spinach and pepper - This hearty breakfast will keep you going until lunchtime – or enjoy at anytime of the day when you're hungry and need something nutritious and filling and fast!
Porridge Porridge – with cinnamon, nuts, seeds and fruit - Porridge for breakfast is a comforting way to start the day. Oats contain good levels of protein and, despite containing gluten, are far less likely to cause digestive problems compared to wheat.

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