Dreams of life beyond lockdown? What are yours?

dreams of life beyond lockdown

When this is over, I want to…

As the clock struck midnight welcoming in 2020, we had no idea how much would change before Spring had sprung. It began early in January, we heard that Wuhan—a city bigger than London—had gone into total lockdown due to Coronavirus. For many of us, this was the first time we’d had heard of either! Seeing Wuhan’s empty streets on TV felt like an extreme reaction to a virus. How naïve I was to think it wouldn’t happen over here! Now six weeks into our lockdown, and we’re on tenterhooks, waiting for new guidelines as to how and when we can step back into the world. We all want to know what we can and can’t do next. And we still have dreams, so how do we make them come true beyond lockdown?

It won’t be the same as before

Everyone is bandying around the phrase ‘the new normal’, but no-one knows what that means. How can we work while keeping up social distancing? Are our children more immune—or super-spreaders, and what will it be like for them to back to school? How are we going to manage financially? When can we spend time our extended families? These are just the tip of the iceberg of thousands of questions we all keep mulling over. In the moments we allow ourselves to consider the future there are yet more questions. Can we still manifest old dreams? And what about now? How long do we need to stay in isolated bubbles? Are we still afraid of catching the virus? And round and round we go adding overwhelm into the mix too. So, it feels like the time is right to break our concerns down into manageable chunks.

Post lockdown fears and anxieties

For those of us who have been at home for the last six weeks, it is going to feel strange re-entering the world. We’ve become accustomed to being isolated and keeping our distance in the supermarkets. For many of us, going back to work means being with lots of people and impossible to stay 2-metres apart at all time. So, it’s natural to feel wary of stepping out. Coronavirus will be with us for a long time—therefore we have to find a way to make it work because we can’t just stay at home forever. No-one yet has it all figured out. Our politicians are following the advice of top scientists which is the wise thing to do. But they don’t have all the answers. We need to embrace innovating new ways and creatively find our way through this—and that means all of us thinking about how we work, play and love in our brand-new world.


There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love ourselves, we cannot fully open to our ability to love others or our potential to create. Evolution and all hopes for a better world rest in the fearlessness and open-hearted vision of people who embrace life—John Lennon.

I’m not sure when John Lennon penned these words, but they still ring true today. We need to find a way to be open, loving to both ourselves and others while at the same time, being careful. That’s not an easy combination to find, but living in fear is not the answer. Fear not only closes you down, but it also has a detrimental impact on your health and immune system, which, while Coronavirus is lurking, is not helpful. See my earlier article, Overcoming the fear of Coronavirus for tips and advice.

Coming back to choice. What are your options? Knowing everything you do about your health, and the different risk factors, what do you choose to do now? What is still essential for you in life going forward? Soon we will have more information and guidelines, and increasingly, you also need to choose what’s right for you. By making active choices, you will feel more empowered about stepping back into the world. From a place of love, not fear, trust that your decisions are right for you—no matter what others think.

Creativity at work

Many of us have found a way to work from home. For some people it has worked so well, it may now become your chosen way of working. For you, now might be the time to consider ditching the kitchen counter for a proper working space within your home. But if you haven’t been able to work from home—or you have hated the isolation—then now is to think up how can you be in the same space as your colleagues, and stay safe.

If you have lost your job due to Coronavirus, what transferable skills do you have for employment in a different sector? What would you most like to do—work-wise? Although everyone has been focusing on what has shut down or doesn’t work any more, there are at the same time new opportunities springing up. Is there something that is attracting you towards it? The last 6-weeks have provided us with time to think about many things. Where have your thoughts taken you? What is the first step to transition into something new for you?

Keep remembering you are a creative soul. Now more than ever let your creativity come to the fore as you stay open to new ideas on working and living in our new normal.

Financial concerns

After our health, money concerns are immense for many people. If this is you, today, choose to talk to everyone and anyone who can help you. Let go of any shame or guilt. Being an ostrich with your head in the sand is rarely helpful. Talk to friends, family, citizen’s advice and, if needed, Government-backed debt management companies. Banks, building societies, and credit card companies all have plans that will give you a payment holiday. It may also be wise to create a budget. The one thing lockdown has taught us is how much money we typically spend on petrol, going out and luxuries. It’s a lot more than realised. And knowing this is a good thing!


I began this article with, ‘When this is over, I want to…’ Hmm, I wonder what your desire is? Mine is straightforward, yet the ache for it is profound. I want to hug my family and not let go until it is embarrassing! I’m sure one of your desires is the same as mine, and there will be other immediate things that you haven’t been able to do since lockdown. Others will be old dreams. Perhaps these were about travel, or starting your own business, or getting married, or having children. Until we have a vaccine or cure for Coronavirus, some of our dreams may have to go on hold. BUT what if you were creative about your dreams? How might at least some of them come to fruition even if that is achieved differently?

Dreams are about enriching our lives. They are what we hope will bring happiness, excitement, satisfaction or joy. So, what might give you the same feelings doing something that you CAN do? Having dreams is an integral part of life, so don’t give up on them, but also don’t be afraid of tweaking them either.

Let me know how you have changed or tweaked your dreams in our new reality. And I will celebrate with you. Or, if you need a helping hand to make your new dreams a reality, I will be delighted to help you through life coaching and emotional healing. Call me on 01305 821799 to arrange a Free, 30-Minute Taster Session. Or email me. 😊

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