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Healthy Weight Loss Coaching – Holistic program just for you

Eat Well Be Well

Have you been struggling with weight loss for years? Have you tried every diet, every fad, every diet product—and nothing has worked? Do you wish to lose weight and then stay slim? If you are are ready to change your life around food, then I can help you with the following;

  • Yoyo weight loss and weight gain
  • Food cravings
  • Food addiction—sugar, bread, crisps, pasta, chocolate etc
  • Binge eating
  • Low self-esteem / poor body image

I weave together the following therapies to help people lose weight; naturopathic nutrition, life coaching and emotional healing. Weight loss and staying slim is far more than just what you eat.

Eat Well Be Well program
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First, you have to be ready—because I won’t pretend to you and say it is easy. Eat Well—Be Well is NOT one of those lose-7-pounds-in-7-days diets. We all know that rapid weight loss goes back on again in the blink of an eye. Nor is it any form of dieting because, in the long run, diets never work. Instead, this is a new way of eating for life. Eat Well—Be Well is a healthy, holistic approach to losing weight and, importantly, teaches you how to stay slim.

How does Eat Well Be Well work?

During the 12 x 50 minute sessions, you will learn about…

  • Nutrition and digestion—to understand your food choices
  • How to balance what you eat and when
  • Portion sizes
  • How to get moving
  • Loving your body


Eat Well—Be Well is done via Zoom. After each session, you will receive notes, resources and tips by email to help you on your weight loss journey.
The twelve sessions are taken over 2—3 months according to your needs. And while there is a structure, it is tailored specially to you.


Delving into your current eating patterns

We will explore eating patterns, routines and habits. There will be a week-long food diary too before you start. Then we will look at your emotional relationship with food. I will teach you how to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to begin clearing these blocks.


Do a four-week Body Cleanse

The Body Cleanse is challenging, but it’s just for four weeks, and you CAN do it! After four weeks you’ll feel great, you will be sleeping so much better and lose a lot of weight. You’ll also notice your hair, eyes, and skin look better too. And best of all, you won’t be hungry, although it is likely to be very dierent from what you usually eat.


Testing & Transitions

In the last week of the Body Cleanse, we’ll test your body for wheat and dairy intolerance. After the Body Cleanse, it’s adopting a new way of eating to your lifestyle. There will be food diaries and experiments to discover what works for continued weight loss or weight maintenance. We’ll also be working hard on letting go of your emotional eating triggers.


Learning to trust your body

With masses of support from me, I will help you embed these healthy changes for life. You are worthy of a healthy, slim body that you care for, love and respect.


Perhaps the most significant change is to let go of emotional triggers around food and drink. And, because you are a human being, not a robot, it’s learning how to enjoy treats. This means you can enjoy holidays, birthdays and Christmas without going overboard and putting masses of weight on.

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