EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique for Weight Loss

Release emotional and binge eating with EFT

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a powerful yet easy-to-learn technique. Using EFT for weight loss is a powerful and rapid solution to releasing the emotional triggers that lead to overeating.

Nearly everyone has some emotional eating habits—most of which were formed in childhood. In times of distress, children are often given or seek food for comfort—it’s a natural response. Over time, this can become a habit wired into our subconscious. No matter how many biscuits we eat, it doesn’t change the situation—no matter what it is. Yet due to our inner wiring, when we are stressed, anxious, upset or worried we are triggered and our subconscious programming wins over logical thought and then it is easy for us to consume a whole packet of biscuits (or whatever is your go-to food or drink).

Fortunately, our inner wiring can be rewritten, and EFT is a great way to do this. I love EFT because it is powerful and it can bring about rapid changes. I use it to help people in all different situations—and it is particularly useful to help people lose weight.

EFT for weight loss
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Jennie Bayliss Retreats, Jasmine House, Portland, Dorset

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Tapping points for EFT

Looking at Comfort Eating

See if some of the following situations resonate with you. Eating compulsively—even though you’re not hungry. Ripping the wrapper off a chocolate bar and eating it so fast that you hardly even taste it. Telling yourself you will eat just one biscuit, but moments later you eat another, then another until the whole packet has been demolished. A promise to have just one glass of wine, but then drinking 2, 3 or more.

After such times, we feel awful, ashamed, utterly disappointed in ourselves. We are often confused and upset too, because we don’t know why we do it—especially when it’s the last thing we want to do. It is in these moments, an event has triggered our subconscious, which simply runs our programming. See it as an old piece of software. Just as we can upgrade out-dated programs on our digital devices, so we can do the same with our subconscious wiring.

What exactly is EFT?

EFT combines the ancient wisdom of meridian energy (as used in acupuncture) with modern psychology which enables rapid change. EFT involves tapping on meridian points (see the diagram above) whilst saying the very things that you don’t wish to admit to, acknowledge or accept—even though the statement is true. An example of this might look like, ‘Even though I feel sad when I look at my body in the mirror’ or ‘Even though I feel ashamed when I know I’ve eaten too much chocolate’ and so forth. In EFT we always begin with the negatives, then as we continue to tap, the wording changes as the tapping continues, firstly mixing it up and then finally changing it into what it is you would like to be (or to happen) using a a ‘recipe’ of tapping and specific words. This allows you to release powerful emotions like shame, guilt, fear, sadness, sorrow or any heavy emotions which are acting as stumbling blocks.

It sounds a little strange, but has been scientifically proven to work and it used across the world to make huge changes in people’s lives, not just with weight loss. In the Eat Well—Be Well classes, I will teach you how to tap: no previous experience is needed. Full instructions with all of the EFT recipes are in the 36-page, soft-copy Journal that accompanies the program, so you can tap along during the classes and at home.

EFT for Weight Loss
EFT for Weight Loss

How does EFT help with Weight Loss?

While you may recognise emotional eating is something that you do, very few people understand just how much their emotions trigger overeating binges, self-sabotaging acts or that they are really self-medicating with food as a way to dull, numb and avoid painful feelings. When you are empty inside, it’s often not hunger for food that is causing of the emptiness. Many who have become overweight no longer love themselves (or at least not fully) because all they see in the mirror is a podgy, bumpy body that may even have excess fat folds.

EFT helps you accept and begin to love your body just as it is right now, seeing that it simply a work in progress. When you begin to love your body, making choices to eat good, wholesome food and exercise becomes much easier. Again, just now this may be the opposite to how you feel, but EFT can powerfully help you change this viewpoint. For some of you, just the thought of doing EFT for weight loss, requires taking a big leap in faith. I want to reassure you again that this is a scientifically proven therapy and that at the last Online EFT World Summit that I attended, over 150,000 people took part. All I ask is that you try it and keep an open mind as to how it can change your life. It has changed mine and I want for you to experience the same changes too!