Elaine’s Dairy Intolerance

I first met Elaine in 2007 on one of my Design Your Life weekends. Over the years since then, Elaine gained weight. Like many women, it happened with a few pounds at a time. She dieted when she became frustrated, but always ended up putting weight back on. In September 2012, Elaine decided that she needed a new approach to her weight problem and she joined my Eat Well—Be Well program.

As well as struggling to lose weight, Elaine was not sleeping very well and she was constantly blocked up with a ‘snotty’ nose. She tried the remedy of having a hot milk drink before bedtime to help her sleep.

How Elaine discovered her dairy intolerance

The Eat Well—Be Well program begins with a Body Cleanse. And Elaine, like everyone else on the program, cut out wheat, dairy, all added sugar, caffeine, alcohol and all food additives. Elaine found the Body Cleanse tough but with the daily support of Louisa, her weight-loss buddy, she completed it. After 4-weeks, Elaine’s snotty nose was all clear and the quality of her sleep was much better. Elaine had stopped snoring and began waking up feeling alive once more. Elaine said the change was incredible; she would not have believed the difference it made unless she had experienced it herself.

Whilst on the Body Cleanse, on a day out, Elaine ordered a Decaf Latte, completely forgetting that she was suppose to avoid cows milk. The next day she had a snotty nose again.

For the intolerance testing, Elaine drank a glass of semi-skimmed cows milk. The next day, she was bunged up once more. Elaine has now switched permanently to Rice and Almond milk and to goats milk cheese. She hasn’t tested Lactose-free milk yet (Lactose, milk sugar, is the usual culprit in cows milk intolerance) but she tells me she is now happy not to as she now likes her new nut and grain milks.

Symptoms of an intolerance

When your body is intolerant to a particular food, symptoms can vary, but gaseousness and bloating are common. Dairy intolerance can lead to an excess of mucus. If your digestive system is struggling to digest certain foods, it is not effective. This in itself can increase weight gain and/or make it more difficult to lose weight.

As Elaine’s weight began to fall off during her time on the Eat Well—Be Well program, so were her clothes! She made us all laugh on the Live Classes when she shared her ‘win’ in week 6, which was to buy a cheap pair of jeans that were a size smaller. They were just cheap ones she said because she was ‘just passing through this size!’

Towards the end of the program, Elaine treated herself to some new lingerie (something I ask everyone to do). Elaine was delighted and surprised to find she was 2 cup sizes smaller.

With Elaine’s discovery about cow’s milk along with new knowledge about food and portion sizes and releasing lots emotional baggage, Elaine lost 21lbs during the 3-month program. Afterwards, she continued to lose another 7 lbs. Now her digestive system is working more efficiently, she enjoys an abundance of healthy, life giving food and continues to lose weight. She is now much closer to her natural, healthy weight.

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