Festive mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks

festive mocktailWith Christmas just 2 weeks away (eek STILL so much to do!) party season is in full swing and many an alcoholic drink will be drunk. But what if you don’t want to drink alcohol – or not drink as much as usual? Are you doomed to celebrate with just a sparkling mineral water? No! Mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks are increasingly popular and can help (if you need it) feel more like part of the party.

There are an increasing range of non-alcoholic wines made with the same grapes used to make wine. Better than their fore-runners, many are dry and crisp compared to the posh pops that are around. Most supermarkets now stock a small selection of these drinks. I’ve not yet found a favourite. Let me know of any good ones that you like.

The following drinks are high in natural sugars, even though many of them rely on natural sweetness rather than added sugars, so they are for treats and special occasions.

M&S do a small range of sparkling non-alcoholic drinks for example their Raspberry Crush and Normandy Apple. They also do 2 non-alcoholic mocktails – one that mimics Pina Colada and the other Tequila. Both are quite sweet – but a pleasant none-the-less.

Feel Good do a range of still and sparkling drinks without any added sugar or additives. Their sparkling Cranberry & Lime has a refreshing, slightly tart flavour. Several other flavours available.

Cherry Good is a range of different cherry juice drinks. Their sparkling version is crisp and fresh with no added nasties.

Appletise (with pear and grape versions also available) are simply carbonated pasteurised fruit juice. Very sweet and high in natural sugars, but again a better option than your usual fizzy drinks.

Amé has a range of 4 or 5 different flavours – sweetened only with natural fruit juices. Their Orange and Grape is light – although slightly to sweet. They used to have a version called “Dry” which I really liked: sadly it has been dropped.

Belvoir and Rochester are two brands that do mulled-wine-like drinks. Both have added sugar but are with the exception of citric acid, additive free. (Citric acid is a natural preservative found in citrus fruits; commercially it’s made from feeding mold with sugar).

Mocktails – they are becoming more popular in the fashionable bars and restaurants. Don’t assume that a non-alcoholic drink isn’t available – sometimes it’s just buried somewhere deep in the drinks menu. Even if it doesn’t appear – you can ask a barman/woman to rustle one up for you.

And if you still want to enjoy a a little of your tipple, but not just as much as usual/before, then opt that every second drink is a non-alcoholic one, or make your drinks go further by opting for a drink with a double mixer i.e. a Gin with 2 tonic mixers, or a wine spritzer, or a shandy instead of just a beer.

Raising a Cherry Good glass to you all!

Eat Well—Be Well 😊

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