Heal a broken heart – let go of the pain to be happy again

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Healing a broken heart

Let go of the pain and find your way to happiness

I know when your heart is broken, it feels wretched – it’s like the end of the world. You miss them so much, that your body aches. And your mind keep questioning what both you and they said and did. A broken heart brings tears, loss of appetite, and poor sleep. So, the first thing to know in healing a broken heart is that you WILL be happy again. It takes time. There isn’t a magic wand I can wave to make your pain instantly disappear, BUT there are positive steps you can take quicken the healing process.

I help people heal their broken hearts

First be very gentle with yourself. Please don’t beat yourself up–a relationship breakup is rarely, if ever, the fault of one person. Rather it’s down to the dynamic between you which is unique in every relationship. Honour what you had and allow yourself to feel sad as pretending that you’re OK, when your not, simply delays the healing.

  • There is a need to talk through what happened—sometimes to re-tell the story many times over. Each you go through this, you will naturally release some of the pain and gain some more insights—both on their and your side of the story.
  • A while after the end of a relationship, there is time to reflect on what was good and what wasn’t. It’s easy to gloss over the latter if you are yearning for the clock to be turned back, but it genuinely helps to look at their values, habits and behaviour that weren’t a good match to your own.
  • Take great care of your precious soul. As tempting as it might be to distract yourself with work, or thow yourself into some big project, healing is processed more quickly when you take things easy.
  • As part of your self-care, take time to cook and eat wholesome foods. Ditch or moderate alcohol intake as it is a depressant by nature and although it may numb the pain for awhile, ultimately it makes you feel worse.
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    Let go of the pain of a broken heart

    The old cliché, ‘Time is a great healer’ is true. So, if you do nothing, eventually, your broken heart will heal of it’s own accord. But do you want to to wait that long? Healing a broken heart is not always easy—BUT you can heal faster and more easily than just waiting. You can be happy again—feel lighter and better. As a relationship coach specialising in helping people heal and move-on to a brighter future, I would be honoured to be your guide to help you through to a much better place than where you are now.

    Book Life Coaching Session Want to see how working with me may help you heal your broken heart? Click button to schedule a free 30-minute, life-coaching taster session.

    Deep healing retreats to heal a broken heart

    The Jasmine House The Jasmine House is both my home and a retreat house. Since July 2009, I have welcomed hundreds of individuals and couples to the house for intensive deep healing. People come for different reasons, but many come to heal their broken heart because they want to move-on and be happy again. Follow the link to find our more about one-to-one, broken heart retreats

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    Double hearts. Thank you so much for your love, support, wisdom and encouragement. I know in my heart that this time was meant to be—just as it was—all of it a revelation at the only time and only place. I still have some work to do—but now with an ease that I didn’t have before. Antoinette, Dorset

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