About Jennie Bayliss

Hello – I’m Jennie Bayliss

I am an Intuitive Life Coach, an Emotional Healer, an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and a Naturopathic Nutritional Adviser. I specialise in helping people who are in some form of emotional distress, struggling in their relationships, or wish to improve their health.

Over the last 19 years, I have helped thousands of people to feel better, happier, healthier, and more successful through Life Coaching, Healing Retreats, workshops, and talks.

I weave together different therapies, tools and techniques according to the unique needs of my clients. The highly effective approach enables people to take huge steps forward to improve their life.

I bought The Jasmine House in 2009. People from all walks of life come on a retreat with me. I am touched that many people travel from far away to visit The Jasmine House. Clients have come from Kazakhstan, Bermuda, Iceland, France, Germany, Poland, Switzerland and, of course, from all over the UK.

About Jennie Bayliss
Jennie Bayliss - unusual life journey in a nutshell

My unusual life journey in a nutshell

I have been blessed with an unusual life. Here are just a few of the things that I have done and experienced:

  • I’ve lived in France, Indonesia, Singapore and Japan.
  • I have made 2 round-the-world trips and have visited more than 25 countries.
  • I have had 3 very different careers; hotel management and graphic design, and now as an Intuitive Life Coach and Emotional Healer.
  • I started a graphic design business, built it up, and then sold it after 13 years.
  • My ex-husband and I went our separate ways. We did it with dignity and grace.
  • We have 2 wonderful adult daughters and 4 delightful grandchildren.
  • I swam across the Bosporus Straits from Asia to Europe.
  • To celebrate becoming 60, I walked 442 miles in 34-days along the South West Coast Path. The path is very up and down, and the total climb was 73,000 feet—more than twice the height of Mount Everest.

My gifts and passions

I have been intuitive all of my life. I use my intuition to guide me in both my coaching and my healing. I am a spiritual person, but it doesn’t matter if you are or not; I trust that you know what is right for you. I work with non-believers and those of faith with equal warmth and love, as I want to help all people find their inner peace and harmony in life. I’m also practical and down-to-earth. I believe that laughter sometimes saves us—it can be healing in its own right.

I love sea swimming which I do all year round. And yes, it is freezing in the winter! There is something magical about swimming in the sea, and it’s restorative to my soul.

Jennie Bayliss - gifts and passions
Jennie Bayliss - qualifications and values

My values

In no particular order, my values are: to be caring, generous, stay in integrity, be cheerful, be kind and know there is always more to learn.

My qualifications

I trained and qualified as a Life Coach with CoachU in the USA for 3 years from 2002-5. I am an EFT Practitioner (AAMET) I qualified in 2009. I am also a Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor (Dip N.Adv) in which I qualified in 2015. I have done courses on Intuition Mastery,  Journey Therapy, Energy Healing and I have attended many workshops, seminars, and talks with some of the world’s greatest healers and self-development teachers.