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Join the Eat Well—Be Well classes

Join the next Eat Well—Be Well program

I would love to help you lose weight and for you to be well so you can feel energerised and dance though life.

What do you get on the Eat Well—Be Well program

You will part of a very small group—maximum of 10—with the one aim—to help you lose weight. As your host, I weave together life-coaching, emotional healing, EFT and naturopathic nutrition to help you become slim and stay slim. With such a small group, there is time for everyone and I will coach, teach, encourage and motivate you to make the changes you need.

In the post, receive a 36-page, soft-cover ‘Journal’. This booklet acts as an introduction to the program and there are charts to monitor progress as well as athe EFT recipes needed whilst on the calls.

The Introduction Class is held on a Monday at 7.30 pm until 9 pm. This includes an overview of the 3-month program with introductions to one another. The following classes are on Thursday evenings, at 7.30—8.30 pm.

On the first Thursday, we begin the 4-week Body Cleanse, which can be challenging, but you will have masses of support from me and from your buddy. The first week is tough for most people—but by the end of the 2nd week, I promise, you will feel so much better than before. You’ll have improved sleep, more energy and most people lose 5-7lbs (around 3 kilos) in these first few weeks too, which is a great boost to confidence. A Body Cleanse acts as kick-start to detoxifying your body and to get your digestive system working effectively. Read more about what happens in a Body Cleanse.

In every class there is a key topic, which we will dicuss and I will coach you on how to make changes and incorporate these new ways into your everyday life. In most classes we will do some EFT tapping to help you let go of any emotional blocks. There is always a lot of camaraderie—everyone sharing the successes and be motivated by one another.

The weekly topics

Week 1 Digestion – my Mythical Average Woman ‘Diet Foods’
Week 2 Digestion – carbohydrates and a your first food diaries
Week 3 Nutrition – the role of protein and good fats in weight loss
Week 4 Comfort Eating – understanding your triggers and how to change them
Week 5 Wheat testing – looking at food sensitivity and intolerances
Week 6 Milk testing – coaching and analysis of your food diaries
Week 7 Exercise and calories – understanding how they play a role in your life
Week 8 Looking at emotional trauma as well as enjoying treats without bingeing
Week 9 Portion sizes – getting the correct nutrional balance
Week 10 More on portion sizes for even more weight loss. More on gut bacteria
Week 11 Loving yourself — also food scripts and working with your willpower
Week 12 Micronutrients – and celebrating your weight loss journey

After each class, you will receive extensive notes on the topic with addtional notes on ‘Body & Soul Wisdom’ to help you even more. These notes are sent out via email.

The classes are held via a teleconference centre—you call in via a local-to-you telephone number. You receive a PIN number each week as the calls are password protected so only you and your classmates can access the calls.

Invest in yourself—and book your place today

The cost for this unique and supportive program is £245. Pay online to reserve your place. There are only 10 places in any one group—book early to make sure you get your place.

See below for the dates of the next program.

Dates of the next Eat Well—Be Well program

This will be in March 2019. Classes are at 7.30 pm on Thursday evenings. Exact date will be confirmed soon. Please email me

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