Jumoothies – combines juicing with smoothies

What are Jumoothies?

As it sounds, they combine the best parts of a smoothie – thick and satisfying, with the intense nutritional benefits from fresh vegetable and fruit juice.


Smoothies that include a good source of protein and good fats are satisfying and a meal replacement in their own right. Protein from either nuts, seeds or protein powders such as whey, and fat from nuts, or additional nut oils slow down the body’s ability to get at the sugars in the fruit. In this way, the doesn’t spike your blood-sugar levels and so it’s a good, occasional choice for breakfast that easily keeps you going until lunch-time. My favourite smoothie recipes can be found here.


Juicing raw vegetables and fruit, in particular when there are more veggies than fruit, provides the body with nutritional nectar as it’s chock-full of vitamins, minerals and photo-nutrients that the body readily absorbs. These juices can be good way to detox or helping the body quickly receive an uber amount of nutrients. However, too much fruit without the protein, good fats or fibre may spike our blood-sugar levels. Click this link to read more about blood-sugar levels and weight-loss.

Benefits of Jumoothies

On of the things I dislike about juicing is throwing away the wonderful dietary fibre left behind after the juice has been extracted. It feels like a waste even if the ‘nectar’ of the juice feeds the body with top quality nutrients. So, jumoothies typically use the same ingredients as those in a vegetable and fruit juice, but it’s blitzed in a blender. Now the dietary fibre is included. This slows down the absorption of the sugars from the fruits.

Three Recipes for Jumoothies

Beetroot and Apple Jumoothie – for 1 person

1 medium-sized, raw beetroot (approx. 100—120 g)
½ dessert apple
20 g spinach leaves
1½ cm cube of ginger root
200 ml 100% pure coconut water

Wash the beetroot bulb. Top and tail it – no need to peel it. Depending on how powerful your blender is, either pop it into the blender jug whole, or quarter it. Quarter the apple and remove the pips then add it to the jug. The add the spinach, peeled ginger root and coconut water. Screw the top on to the blender jug and blitz for at least a minute. Check whether the jumoothie is smooth. If not, blitz for a 30 seconds more.

This jumoothie begins to separate out almost straightaway, so have a spoon to mix it back together. If you wish to take this to work, place into a flask or container that doesn’t expose it to light. Add a good squeeze of lemon juice to stop it oxidising.

This Beetroot and Apple Jumoothie has rich, slightly earthy flavour with a beautiful red colour. Beetroot contains 10 different antioxidants and is the richest vegetable source of glutamine – an amino acid known to heal the gut lining. Beetroot has been proven to lower blood pressure and increase stamina in sports performance.

Calories = 128 per serving.

Kale and Kiwi Jumoothie – for 1 person

40 g curly kale leaves
3″ / 8 cm piece of cucumber
2 regular-sized kiwis
Juice of 1 lemon
1½ cm cube of ginger root
200 ml 100% pure coconut water

Make sure all of the thick stems of the kale have been removed and that the 40 g is the soft, green leaves. Peel the kiwis. Add everything to the blender jug and blitz.

This jumoothie has a sharp flavour from the lemon, kale and ginger, but it is offset with a slight sweetness from the kiwis. I experimented keeping this jumoothie in the fridge for 4 hours and it didn’t oxidise, so it could withstand being taken to work. Again it’s best kept in the flask or jug that doesn’t let in the light.

Kale is a super vegetable. Just like beetroot, it has a high amount of antioxidants and is loaded with calcium, iron, vitamins A, C and K. Kale contains phytonutrients that destroy some cancer cells and helps protect the eyes from macular degeneration.

Kiwis have twice the vitamin C of oranges and are one of the most nutrient dense fruits. Kiwi also promotes hearth health.

Calories = 145 per serving.

Spinach and Apple Jumoothie – for 1 person

50 g spinach leaves
3″ / 8 cm piece of cucumber
½ dessert apple
1½ cm cube of ginger root
200 ml 100% pure coconut water

Remove the pips from the apple core, then blitz all ingredients.

This jumoothie is bright green in colour and a very pleasant flavour. If you wish to take this one out with you, add a good squeeze of lemon to it.

Spinach is another wonderful vegetable packed full of vitamins—particularly vitamin A, C and K (vitamin K helps bones stay strong by locking in calcium). And spinach has excellent amounts of calcium, and good amounts of magnesium and iron too. Spinach also contains phytonutrients that can help destroy prostate cancer cells and stops new cancer cells from growing.

An apple a day is actually good for you. They too have lots of antioxidants. Apples help lower the risk of tutor, lung cancer and cardiovascular problems.

Calories = 99 per serving.

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