Overnight Oats—going nutty

Here is another version of the oh-so-easy Overnight Oats – this time with banana, nuts and seeds.


For one person

  • Half a Banana
  • 35 g Old Fashioned Oats
  • 100 ml Rice Milk (Rice Dream – or one without preservatives)
  • 1 desert spoon of pumpkin seeds
  • 1 teaspoon of Chia seeds (or sunflower)
  • 6 pecan halves


Slice banana and place in the bottom of your small pot (a kilner jar makes it more special, but a plastic pot with a lid or a large cup/mug and cling film will work equally well). Pour in oats on top of the banana and push them down. Sprinkle on the pumpkin seeds. Pour in the milk then place pecan nuts on top. Seal your pot. Place in your fridge overnight.

The banana and rice milk provide a natural sweetness – but if you are just beginning your Clean Eating journey and feel you need some extra sweetness, then just a drizzle of 100% Maple Syrup (a drizzle—not a tablespoon!)

The nuts and seeds provide a lovely chewy and slightly crunchy texture to the oats. They also boost the protein of this breakfast helping you stay full until lunchtime. Bananas have good amounts of potassium – which helps you stay more alert too. So this is an excellent, very easy way to start your day.

Eat Well. Be Well 🙂

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