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Pay Online – For your coaching, healing or classes


  • Ideal for longer, on-going support while you transition from a difficult moment in your life to a much better place. This is the option for EatWell–BeWell coaching. I also recommend 12 -sessions for couples in distress, or anyone struggling with a broken heart. This is also a good option for people who actively wish to work on their self-development, not just for tackling an immediate problem or issue.

    12 Sessions


  • Fast-track your changes with a quick burst of sessions to blaze a trail through things holding you back. This might be three, weekly double sessions via Zoom using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other emotional healing therapies, tools or techniques. Or a mix of telephone and Zoom sessions. Having sessions in quick succession creates time-pressure to motivate you to get things done!

    6 Sessions


  • This ‘Top-up’ package is people who have worked with me in the past or who have taken a retreat with me at The Jasmine House. These three sessions provide you with a quick boost to get you back on track, or to review what’s next on your journey.

    3 Sessions


Pay Online
  • Holistic and for life. Tailored to your needs to lose weight and more importantly, stay slim. Includes a 4-week Body Cleanse, food diary analysis, intolerance testing, as well as healing the emotional and psychological triggers. Includes detailed notes and charts to help you.

    2-3 MONTHS



  • A six-week program via Zoom for a maximum of 20 people so there can be interactions and questions. Designed to help you improve your well-being, and to either begin or strengthen your meditation practice. Course notes, sleep diary and well-being tracker charts included. Thursday evenings from 7–8 pm.

    6 Weeks