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Life Coaching / Emotional Healing sessions via Zoom
and the Eat WellBe Well program


For new clients—before booking, please CLICK HERE to arrange a free 30-minute free Zoom or telephone call. After our chat, if this feels right for you, then please select one of the following three options below.

Full Support

Ideal for longer, on-going support while you transition from a difficult moment in your life to a much better place. This package typically includes EFT to help release old emotions as well as Life Coaching. I recommend this package for couples in distress, or anyone struggling with a broken heart. This is also a good option for people who actively wish to work on their self-development. This 12-session package is to be taken in full within 6-months of purchase.



Fast-track your changes with a quick burst of sessions to blaze a trail through things holding you back. This usually begins with a double session using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), followed by sessions of Life Coaching and other healing tools and techniques. Having sessions in quick succession creates time-pressure to motivate you to get things done! This 6-session package is to be taken in full within 3-months of purchase.



This package is for people who have worked with me in the past or who have taken a retreat with me at The Jasmine House. It’s particularly useful at key points in your life, such as at the beginning of the New Year or starting a new job. These three sessions can help you create a Life Plan, or for a quick boost to get you back on track, or to review what’s next on your journey. All 3-sessions need to be taken in full within 9-weeks of purchase.


Eat Well—Be Well

Learn how to reach your healthy weight and STAY slim for life. The Eat Well–Be Well program is tailored to your unique body and individual needs. The program includes a Body Cleanse, body composition check, food diary analysis, intolerance testing and healing any emotional and psychological triggers you may have. Each week you will also receive detailed notes and charts too. This program is designed to be completed within 3-months of purchase.