Personal Foundation

Personal Foundation

Personal Foundation Program

Enhance your life by deepening your self-develeopment

To create a healthy, happy and successful life, requires solid foundations. In essence, this means sorting your life out—practically, mentally and emotionally. And this is what Personal Foundation is all about. It takes you through specific steps, including;

  • Declutter your home and work space
  • Identify and stop tolerating stuff
  • Examine your personal boundaries and learn how to define or defend them
  • Discover the real you
  • Prioritise your wellbeing – diet, fitness and meditation
  • Look after your finances

Personal Foundation is more teaching orientated than regular Life Coaching, but it will still be tailored to your needs.

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There are two options for Personal Foundation – either a six or twelve session package, taken weekly or fortnightly. On the shorter program, you will learn about all the topics above and then hone in on three of them in more detail. For the longer program of twelve sessions, all of the topics above will be covered in more detail and you can additionally choose three more topics from this list below;

  • Working through needs, wants and integrity
  • Releasing old limiting beliefs
  • Creating positive daily habits
  • Healthy weight loss
  • Creating more harmonious relationships
  • Self empowerment through Truth Talking
  • Developing your intuition

I have worked as a Life Coach and Emotional Healer since 2004, offering telephone coaching, one-to-one retreats at The Jasmine House, and I’ve hosted various courses, workshops and talks. Find our more About Jennie and read my Testimonials.

Book free life coaching session To arrange a 30-minute trial session, call me on 01305 821799 or email me

Re. Coronavirus pandemic. The current lock-down is understandably bringing up a lot of fear and uncertainty. Yet with more personal time than usual, it’s a great time to skill-up so that when it’s over, you will be ready to fly.

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Double hearts. Jennie, your depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and expertise always amaze me, but it is your honesty, faith and willingness to go with the person, your patience and your supportiveness that makes you special—and gets the results. Thank you for moving me along my journey to a new and more ‘at peace with myself’ place. Watch this space! Lynda, Bournemouth

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