Are you one of the precious swan-like people?

Discover how you can heal and be happy

A swan glides serenely across the water. White feathers preened to perfection. The curve of its neck held high. It is a picture of beauty. Yet under the water, the view is very different. Large webbed feet on stumpy black legs work like pistons in a steam engine. It requires a massive amount of energy beneath the surface to make it look so easy from above.

I’ve met many swan-like people. From above, their life looks good. Sometimes, amazingly good. Yet hidden from sight is a pool of sadness, anger, shame, or anxiety. These emotions are still there because the earlier trauma experienced has not healed.

Heal Yesterday’s Trauma examines how trauma impacts on life. Then, through stories, tools and exercises this book shows you how to heal, feel better and happier.

Find Your Inner Happiness Book Series

Heal past betrayals, abuse, harm or grief

Learn how to say ‘no’ and set strong boundaries

Discover how forgiveness restores peace and happiness

About Jennie Bayliss

Jennie is a life coach, EFT Practitioner, Naturopathic Nutrition Advisor, and has trained in a handful of emotional healing therapies. Over the last 20 years, Jennie has helped thousands of people to heal, feel better, lighter and happier. Most of her clients today, come on a retreat at The Jasmine House—her home, on the beautiful Isle of Portland, in Dorset.

Jennie Bayliss
Heal Yesterday's Trauma Book

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Printed book has a soft-cover. 200 pages. Published by Troubador.