Sweet Treats

Apple and Blackberry Crumble – wheat-free - Apple and blackberry crumble with a new hazelnut twist and no wheat. Puddings should be filling and satisfying—and this is what you get, and it's (slightly) healthier than the traditional recipe too. Enjoy!
Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries - Buckwheat pancakes with blueberries are a real treat for breakfast or they make a tasty, light dessert too. Despite it’s name, buckwheat is part of rhubarb family—not wheat. It is gluten free and so makes an excellent alternative for those who are intolerant to wheat. These buckwheat pancakes are very easy to make. They also […]
Sweet Stewed Plums - Sometimes we (including me!) just need reminding of simple food ideas. Sweet stewed plums hardly counts as a recipe it's so easy - yet it makes a delicious dessert.
chia pudding Chia Pudding—with raspberry and mango - This makes an excellent breakfast as it's crammed full of an amazing array of nutrients - it's also very filling and delicious so can easily be served as a satisfying dessert too.
Spicy Apple Compote - A slightly different twist to apple compote gives you the goodness of apples and doesn't need extra sweetening.
Strawberry Delight – a nutritious dessert - This super-easy to make dessert has a great source of protein, which slows down the sugar absorption form the fruit - and it tastes good too!
Spicy Oat Bars—a healthier alternative to flapjack - Oaty Treat Bars are a healthier alternative to flapjack - enough to satisfy sweet cravings without spiking your sugar levels.

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