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Home-made Baked Beans - Home-made Bakes beans have been a revelation to me. They are easy-to-make, freeze very well and they are nuttier in texture and dare I say, taste more delicious too.
Mildly Spicy Butternut Squash Quinoa - This recipe combines many of my favourite ingredients: butternut squash, quinoa and chickpeas. I love the taste and as vegan-friendly meal it has good amounts of protein too. Rich in colour, warming and comforting—I hope it will become one of your standards too.
Tabby’s Bean Burgers – a tasty, light meal - These are my daughter Tabby's Bean Burgers great for a tasty, light meal. Kidney beans provide a good source of protein and with a salad, they make a healthy, light meal.
Rainbow Trout with a dash of ‘pep’ - I love this easy-and-quick-to-make Rainbow Trout with a Dash of Pep. it is both nutritious—a good source of Omega3—and delicious.
Kale And Pomegranate Fiesta - Nutritionally, kale is a super-star and this easy-to-make dish, kale and pomegranate fiesta, is a feast for eyes and as well your body. This dish has a tantalising mixture of flavours and textures to be enjoyed either as a side dish or it can be easily adapted to make it a light, main meal.
Mildly Spicy Turkey With Beans - Mildly Spicy Turkey With Beans is an easy, tasty, everyday recipe that can be adapted to the vegetables you have in your fridge. I often cook a large batch, portion it up and freeze it so I have my own, fast yet healthy meals for when I'm too rushed to cook from scratch.
simple chicken casserole Simple Chicken Casserole - Sometimes, most especially after eating lots of rich food as at Christmas, there is a craving for simple, wholesome food to heal and rebalance the body. This very simple Chicken Casserole does exactly that.
Pizza With A Twist – tasty and wheat-free - Pizza With A Twist is made without wheat: the traditional bread dough is replaced with cauliflower and almonds, which provides a tasty base to add your pizza toppings to.
Mild, Swiss Chard Chickpea Curry - I love this mild curry with it's different textures and flavours. It's quick and easy to make and it can be served as either a main meal or a side dish.
golden eggs with saffron Golden Saffron Eggs – with peppers - Golden Eggs has a richness to it – both in colour, texture and taste. the butternut squash provides substance and so it's filling too.
chicken with mustard Baked Chicken – with lemon and mustard - This chicken recipe is very quick and easy to prepare and cook. The mustard and lemon work well together to give a tasty zing to your chicken.
Chilli Con Carne – á la Jennie - This is my take on Chilli Con Carne - with more vegetables and less meat. By using different vegetables, different herbs and possibly even different meats, this basic recipe will taste a little different each time - and to me that's good - because you get more variety.
kale and chestnut stir-fry Kale and Chestnut Stir-fry - Kale and chestnuts combine really well to provide this tasty stir-fry that can be served as a meal in it's own right or as a hearty side-dish. Kale is also a nutritional super-star or vegetables, so it's a good meal to enjoy regularly.
Baked Falafel - Baked Falafel are lower in fat that the traditionally fried recipe and still just as yummy. Enjoy either hot or cold as a snack or with a salad.
Tahk Pok Kum — Korean style chicken - Lightly spiced, Tak Pok-Kum has a real flavour of the orient. Adding Shitake Mushrooms and Pine Nuts makes it an ideal dish for entertaining too. It also freezes well, making it a good option for batch cooking.
Salmon Parcels — fast, easy and no pans to wash! - Cooking salmon and vegetables in a parchment parcel is quick and easy - and best of all - no washing of pots required!
Veggie Curry – with optional chicken? - Spicy, but not too hot – this veggie curry can be easily adapted to include small amounts of chicken. This is an ideal recipe for Batch Cooking.

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