Kind words from a few of my clients

Jennie has coached me through a series of major life events over the last 15 years and I can’t imagine life without the help she has given me. She first coached me to successfully sell a small business, which enabled me to make positive changes in my life and I couldn’t have done it without her. One of those changes was to write a novel and Jennie went on to be my creative coach and helped me finish my novel which I am now looking to get published. More recently she coached me about some longstanding anxieties and this has been truly empowering. She is highly intuitive, enormously supportive and has been key to me achieving my potential.

Anna, Sussex

Jennie’s depth of knowledge with her amazing gift of intuition, enabled her to unpeel layers I didn’t know needed unpeeling! Jennie has a way of making you feel completely comfortable to expose your innermost fears, hurts and thoughts. Then she leads you to a place of peace and personal growth in whatever direction is needed. I wouldn’t have got through lockdown in such a positive way without Jennie’s guidance.


Lizzie, Suffolk

Thank you doesn’t quite do justice to how grateful I am to you. “THAAAANNNKKK YOOOOUUUU” seems more appropriate! You have made such a huge difference to my state of mind. You have a special gift and those of us lucky enough to meet you will never forget you. If you lived closer I’d come to see you at least 4 times a year!

Gary Barrett, France

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time we’ve spent together. It’s not been an easy path—but I’ve never thought it was meant to be! I’m just so proud of myself for jumping in with an open mind and a desire to change my life for the better. I’ll be eternally grateful for the love and support you have shown to me and the confidence you have instilled in me.

Chantel Dunn, London

I have worked with Jennie during major life and work transitions. First taking a giant leap out of the corporate world to set up my own business and more recently, planning a move to Spain. Jennie is astute and perceptive. Her ability to sense what is behind my words and to challenge me has always forced me to be very honest with myself. I might not have always liked what she has made me face, but it has made me stronger and more business focused. Jennie has helped me meet my professional and personal goals, holding me accountable and keeping me true to me. I am so grateful to have had Jennie as my mentor, challenger and friend on this journey.

Alison, Hong Kong

I first worked with Jennie in 2005. Since then, I have sought her help many times, for telephone and face to face coaching and on retreats at The Jasmine House. She has supported and strengthened me at various crossroads in my life—relationship breakdown, finding a career path, setting up my own business and most recently, where to settle and buy a house. Jennie is a wise, empathetic and empowering coach. If you want to make changes in your life, let her help you. You won’t regret it!

Sally, Norfolk

Jennie (aka Guru Jennie) has been an absolute rock of support, guidance and sanity-saving for me and my recruitment business. During our time together, I have been blessed with twins, become the main family breadwinner, and I have also started a new  ‘life- times dream’ business. So, not only has Jennie helped me develop my plate-spinning, juggling, resilience and life-balance skills, she has also helped me hone my leadership skills. Jennie has been an absolute wealth of knowledge, guidance and support to me and she’s also a fabulously lovely person to work with.

Sarah Stoker, Ocean Consulting, Bracknell

Jennie, your depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and expertise always amaze me, but it is your honesty, faith and willingness to go with the person, your patience and your supportiveness that makes you special—and gets the results. Thank you for moving me along my journey to a new and more ‘at peace with myself’ place. Watch this space!

Lynda, Bournemouth

Thank you for your kindness and assistance over our weekend retreat. You were highly professional but also so warm and welcoming, and you managed a multitude of boundaries with an apparent ease. You navigated us through the ebbs and flows of the weekend, set us challenges and allowed us to confront parts of ourselves, our histories (shared and individuals) and our relationship, with depth, compassion and sensitivity. There are rare moments in one’s life when someone changes a whole trajectory and outlook on life. You are one of those people who have done that. We both deeply thank you and are profoundly grateful for the time we spent with you at your lovely home on Portland.

John and Jade, London (Couples Retreat at The Jasmine House)

Jennie taught me things about myself that I had been holding back on—helped me name it. She helps you to see your future and helps you move towards it.

Sue Reilly, Lincolnshire

I have been lost, sad, angry and not wanting to live my life this way! You have guided me to a brighter place within a few days in your kind and caring home—thank you! I now feel ready to find my life again and without your help, this journey would never have started. You have helped me understand a lot about my problems and given me a bright light to follow. I’m forever grateful.

Claire, Wales

I went down rabbit holes, up hills and into places I didn’t mean to go—but that I needed to go there. It’s only once you have been taken on this journey you can truly design a proactive life rather than a passive existence.

Sarah Hillington, Oxford