Kind words from those who have done the program.

Listen to Sarah and Corinna…

…and hear what they have to say about their experience of completing the 3-month healthy weight loss programme.


Anne, Bicester, June 2016

“Thank you for running such an inspiring course. You bring such energy and illuminating facts and tips about food based on real science. Your course sweeps away the dross and makes way for setting great ground rules and learning over the 12 weeks to start and really embed new healthy eating habits.

Doing the Body Cleanse was initially daunting; but I really enjoyed the treasure hunt for new recipes and discovering new drinks and foods to become the ‘new me’. Coffee was a cultural thing; I enjoyed it very much, but soon found the fruit and cinnamon teas helped me, and now I feel so much better. No jittery energy peaks and troughs through caffeine any more.

Once I found recipes I liked, and the foods to replace the store cupboard and fridge basics the fear of change disappeared. Savoury breakfasts with veg from a previous dinner warmed with an egg on top, or fruit smoothies with whey protein. Now I am rarely hungry before lunchtime.

I gradually lost weight and a bloated stodge feeling has gone. I dropped a dress size and lowered my BMI into the healthy range. Even more beneficial is that I feel clear headed and in control. This I put down to the complementary emotional work in parallel we did using the EFT or tapping technique, and the use of a range of set up statements written by you using your wealth of experience from coaching to retrain the brain to support the weight loss and emotional journey.”


Maggie, Portland, June 2016

“This has been an excellent, life-changing course for me. I would recommend it to everyone”


April, Weymouth, June 2016

“This program has been really helpful, enabling me to gain a real insight to food, cooking, nutrition and my own behaviours around food and exercise. I now feel confident to continue with this way for the rest of my life”


Sue, Bristol, March 2016

“The Eat Well Be Well programme has been a revelation. I now understand digestion and nutrition and I’ve eaten some of the most tasty and diverse foods for ages and, I have lost 2 stone. I’ve still got a way to go, but Jennie’s programme is long enough to hep you get to grips with it and there’s tonnes of support along the way. This is a change for life.

In the beginning, I thought I could never give up caffeine. I was a 6 cups of coffee a day girl, with a couple of cups of tea and cans of coke too, so it’s safe to say that I got by on a pretty big caffeine buzz. The first 24hrs were horrendous. I couldn’t think, type and nearly didn’t function, but it did get better. By day 3, I felt much better and I was sleeping through the night for the first time in about 20 years. Now the energy I have is real—not a nervous caffeine buzz. I am calm and focused even when I am really tired. If the idea of going caffeine-free for 4 weeks is making you hesitate, don’t let it stop you. You might find, like me, that it’s the best thing you’ve ever done!”


Jenny, Dorset, December 2015

“I weighed myself today, and have now lost 17lbs YAY! I have also measured and lost an amazing 14” from my body, including 4” from my hips. I’m down at least one dress size, and actually know it’s nearer two.

More than that though I feel so much better, more positive and happy (yes happy!). I feel committed to my new way of eating, I understand the reasons and enjoy my food choices. I had no idea I had an intolerance to wheat, but I now recognise that I have, and find no problem with avoiding it. My sleep pattern is 100% improved, that has made an amazing difference to me. I will not ever drink coffee again, and do not even want it at all. It is not just the sleep, I do not wake up with a headache, which I often did before, and I am so much less stressed, much calmer. I am also committed to EFT, which I practice every day, at least once and sometimes 2-3 times depending on circumstances. I enjoy the peace and feeling of being in control and understanding myself.

I go to dance aerobics class every week, and can complete the whole class plus 10 minutes of tone and stretch afterwards. I am working on my sun salutation daily. I also bought a weighted hula hoop which I regularly get out and exercise with. I walk and swim with the children whenever I can. After Christmas my next target is to join a yoga class. I would still like to lose another stone or so and feel confident I can do this.

My larder looks completely different to when I started—and my fridge! Our whole family diet has changed. I never fed my children fizzy drinks, sweets or convenience foods, but I did buy fruit yoghurts, low fat foods, cereals etc. Not any more. What is really promising is that I have been able to explain to them about food choices, and get them involved—they loved sprouting the chick peas—and I hope the habits will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

I must also say what a brilliant buddy Lara has been, really supportive, a good giggle when we needed it, inspiring with food choices, I’m so glad you put us together.”

Note from Jennie: Well done Jenny. I love that your family has come on this journey with you and their health has improved too.


Lara, Dorset, December 2015

“Just want to say a big big thank you, not only can I fit into lots of my clothes from 5 years ago but I’m really starting to feel good about body. My joints ache less and less by the day, my skin/hair looks amazing, I have more energy and feeling younger. Also i don’t have the mood swings i used to have, so I’m far more productive in my job and seem to have far more time to enjoy my life.

I feel my head has finally working out that food is for nourishing and looking after your body, not for filling full of rubbish while comfort eating when I am feeling down”

Note from Jennie: Lara lost 17lbs and 20 inches off her body in the 3-month program. So pleased for you Lara!


Val, Chelmsford

“Whilst on holiday last year, facing a full length mirror in the hotel lift, I was shocked by the body I saw in that reflection. I could not hide from the fact that I was seriously overweight. I didn’t want to go on a diet that worked for a while then left me creeping back to old habits. I had lots of uncertainties about starting EatWell.BeWell and questioned myself about whether I would be able to ‘do it’ but felt that there was excellent support in place. I had an amazing journey on the program and am still travelling! I lost 30 pounds over the 12 weeks and 26 inches from my body. Since then, I have lost a further 8lbs (even with the extra goodies of the festive season). I have learnt so much about food and nutrition and feel happy and confident in the kitchen rustling up tasty and healthy meals with lots of variety. My family have also enjoyed the new menus. My husband lost over a stone simply from the changes in the family diet. This has been a huge lifestyle change for me and it feels great. Not only am I relishing sliding into clothes 2 sizes smaller (and in some cases 3) but my energy levels and fitness have improved dramatically. I cannot recommend this program enough. I speak from the heart when I say that this has changed my life and I will be forever grateful.”


Emma, Ashby

Before/after weight loss photo of Emma“As a lifetime dieter I wanted to try something completely different. I loved this program because it gave me a completely new perspective on me, my weight and why I have always struggled with it-on a practical, ‘what I should be eating’ level and on an emotional one. It has made me change the way I think about what I eat and not only have I lost significant weight, but I’m happier, I sleep better and I have seen the results in my skin, hair and nails. It has taught me to love and respect my body, and how to finally shed some pounds and be healthy!”


Kate, York

“Like a lot of middle aged women with children, I had struggled with my weight for many years. I was a yo-yo dieter. I had been to well-known diet clubs, and managed to lose some weight but never felt I fully understood about nutrition and the psychology of weight gain, so I would leave the club a stone lighter but within six months I would be back with a stone to lose! This programme is very different. I learnt so much about how food worked and why I was putting weight on. I learnt about the psychology of weight gain and was really encouraged by the rest of the group and of course Jennie. Worth every penny for a slimmer, fitter, healthier and more informed me!”


Loana, London

“I really enjoyed the EatWell.BeWell program and got SO much out of it. I thought it was fabulously well structured and I now have the knowledge and a comprehensive file of notes to guide me through on my journey”


Corinna, Geneva

“Where do I start? What a life-changing, fabulous course! Not only have I lost weight easily, but after the course I am still losing weight. Thanks to EFT I now feel so much more confident in my own body. My skin looks great, my hair is shiny, I feel really healthy and I have the knowledge to choose the right foods for ‘me’. I have also made some lovely new friends, and my buddy and I are continuing to stay in touch following the course to continue to support one another. I can’t recommend this course enough. If you want to loose weight forever and create a healthy lifestyle, then this is absolutely the course for you! This is the best thing I could have bought myself.”


Sharon, Crawley

“I have tried several ways to lose weight, including EFT, but I knew that I had to ‘get out of my own way’ which is why I decided to join Jennie’s course. I knew that my weight issues are not just due to what I eat, but emotional issues. I now have a clearer idea of what works for my body and what doesn’t and I am largely clear of headaches and enthused to exercise and looking forward to shifting more weight and getting a whole new wardrobe of clothes and a new look! The weekly teleclasses were a great motivator, as was working with my buddy. Thank your Jennie for your kindess, compassion and enthusiasm and sense of humour.”


Sarah, Wokingham

From my questionnaire: Q8. What has been the most valuable part of being on the program?

“The learning! Knowing what to eat, and what happens to my body when I eat certain things, and how to maintain a healthy diet regularly by choice. I could go on and on and on as the whole course has been incredibly valuable. One more then? The EFT! I had no idea what a profound effect EFT would have on me during this course and I need to make sure I keep it up.”



I’d be delighted to help you become and then stay at your natural, healthy weight. Please see the Live Classes (accessed by telephone) to see when the next program starts. The Online version is due to go live very soon.

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