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3-month healthy weight loss program

How Eat Well—Be Well helps you to lose weight

Eat Well—Be Well isn’t a diet. Diet’s don’t ever work in the long run. Instead I will show, coach, teach and help you to lose weight without dieting by working with your body. You will learn the basics of nutrition and digestion, and with this knowledge, you can make wise choices and not be influenced by advertising spin.

As well as being able to return to your natural, healthy weight, you’ll discover how to stay slim. And, enjoy increased energy, better sleep and improved overall health.

Eat Well—Be Well is designed to give you maximum support from me and your buddy to help you succeed. This is a new, life-changing method that combines everything you need to lose weight naturally, healthily and easily.

The 7 Steps

Healthy Weight loss—it’s more than just what you eat

Your body is unique. The amount of calories you need is determined on your gender, height, body build, physical activities at work, sporting and hormonal balance. No-one can tell you exactly how many calories you need.

Food that you love, like, dislike and hate is unique to you too, so I won’t ask you to eat food that you don’t like, nor ask you count calories, track points or use any gimmicks. Instead using the 7-Steps of Healthy Weight Loss, I will help you discover what works for you. Changing to healthier eating, finding your way to exercise, letting go of emotional blocks and discovering whether or not you have any intolerances are key to becoming and then staying slim.

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How does the Eat Well—Be Well program work?

The Eat Well—Be Well program runs for 3-months—giving you time to learn about nutrition, digestion, about how your body loses (and gains) weight and to put it all into practice. Typically, women lose between 12—20 lbs during the program.

The program includes 13 classes accessed via a teleconference centre. The classes are all live, PIN protected and recorded so you can listen again. You will be able to speak with me and your classmates. Introduction classes are held on a Monday evening at 7.30 pm. The classes are then on the following Thursday and every Thursday for the next 12 weeks – all begin at 7.30 pm.

buddiesEveryone on the program works with their own buddy, in this way you receive more support than ever before. Your buddy will be doing the program with you. She will support you. You role is to support her.

The Eat Well—Be Well programs are temporarily on hold. Please email me to let me know your interest and you will be the first to know when they resume

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