Improve your well-being and meditation practice

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Well-being and Meditation

Massively improve your well-being. Six-week course via Zoom

Are you interested in improving your well-being? And either beginning or strengthening your meditation practice?

Join me on this six-week LIVE Zoom course which includes these topics.

1. Sleep.
Good sleep makes a massive difference to how we feel about our life. Discover how to improve sleep and wake-up refreshed.

2. Eat Well.
Eating healthily strengthens the the immune system and provides abundant energy. Eating well can also aid natural weight loss.

3. Reduce Stress.
We live in a world that is stressful on every level. Monitoring and reducing stress to create an oasis of inner calm makes life easier and more fun.

4. Fitness.
Our body needs to move and stretch. It doesn’t so much matter what movement or stretching is done, but that it happens. Exercise tones muscles, increases bone density and gives a feeling of ‘being-alive’.

5. Meditation.
Meditation provides a sense of peace and deep relaxation. With regular practice, mediation can also provide inner guidance for life.

click to join buttonJoin me on Thursday, January 14th from 7–8 pm.

Well-being Meditation Bot

How will this course help me? How does it work?

Every Thursday evening, I will teach, encourage and motivate you to take small steps forward to improve your well-being. There are six topics—a new one for each week. And each week a new challenge for you to take a step forward.

I have been coaching and teaching these topics for more than sixteen years. This mini course distills my knowledge into easy-to-learn steps. But you get to decided what challenge you set yourself for the week.

The six week course will begin with a review and also check-sheet to track your progress. Every week, you will receive accompaning notes, suggestions and ideas for you to improve your well-being.

In the last twenty minutes, there will be a guided meditation. These meditations include breathing and grounding exercises as well as a meditation story to follow. The meditations promote deep relaxation and peace.

By the time, the course comes to an end, I am hopeful that the Coronavirus will be on the wane. How wonderful it will be to step back into some normality and be feeling better, stronger and healthier within ourselves.

click to join buttonJoin me on Thursday, January 14th from 7–8 pm.

The cost for six-week program is £48.

Double hearts. A big thank you Jennie for the weekly meditation sessions via ‘Zoom’. They were of enormous benefit to me, and I am continuing using the methods learnt. This was a lovely thing to have offered for us folks during the most difficult weeks of the pandemic! Malcolm, Cheltenham

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