Baked Chicken – with lemon and mustard

2 November 2014

Written by Jennie Bayliss

chicken with mustard

Baked chicken is so very easy to cook. Please see my notes below on chicken portion sizes and mustard.
4 portions

  • 2 chicken breasts (approx 350–400 g)
  • half a lemon
  • 1 scant teaspoon wholegrain mustard

Pre-heat oven 200°C / Gas Mark 6
Line a baking tray with baking parchment. Cut each chicken breast into thinner, mini fillets and place baking tray and then smear the mustard over the chicken pieces (the photo shows 3 chicken breasts filleted). Insert fork into the lemon and squeeze the juice over the chicken pieces. Place into the oven and cook for 12-15 minutes – make sure that when you cut into one of the thicker fillets it is cooked all the way through. Serve with 2 different vegetables – this goes really well with Kale and Chestnut Stir Fry.
Eat Well. Be Well 🙂
Portion Sizes / Buying chicken and mustard
In the UK we have become accustomed to thinking that one chicken breast equals one portion and yet for most people this errs on the side of being too much in terms of what the body needs—even more so when the the chicken breast is huge. We eat with our eyes – and by cutting the breast into smaller fillets, it look like more (see my blog on How your eyes deceive you!)In terms of both improving your health and helping you lose weight, it’s better to have an abundance of vegetables and a smaller portion of good, lean protein.
I’m a great believer in buying a whole chicken and portioning it rather than buying chicken breasts separately (it is far more economical to do this) and yet I also know that time is precious. So you may wish to buy chicken breasts separately or even buy chicken “mini-fillets”. If you choose the latter please make sure it is labelled “chicken breast” too as without this reassurance, it could be that the mini-fillets are not exclusively breast meat.
Finding a sugar-free mustard is really challenging! All of the big brands add sugar, honey or both! Wholegrain mustards that are currently sugar-free (recipe are often changed – so please read the labels!) are: Essential Waitrose, Tracklements and Delouis Fils.

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