How do you reach your healthy weight?

reach your healthy weight

2 January 2015

Written by Jennie Bayliss

What is your healthy weight? There are many ways of defining your health weight: BMI (Body Mass Index), H2W (Height to Waist Ratio should be less that than 0.5) and also the weight you feel is right for you. Although the calculations help, begin this exercise by choose what feels right for you – you can fine tune it later on. The important part of this exercise is to write down the weight you wish to achieve and then work out how much in pounds or kilos you need to lose to get there. If this is a large amount – please don’t be scared: it is just what it is. This is the new you and a new approach that is about being gentle and kind to yourself.

If you have a lot to lose, initially it is relatively easy to lose 4 or even more pounds every week. But after the first couple of weeks, weight loss will slow down to 1-2 pounds a week. This is the healthy way to lose weight. Please know that you can starve yourself and lose a stone (6 kilos) very quickly – but it will go back on very quickly too. Your goal is to lose weight steadily – AND then keep it off permanently. Rapid weight loss is unlikely to achieve this. Instead your aim is to learn a new way of eating, modify your habits and learn to love your body.

Go back to the amount you need to lose, now work out how long it will take you by using the average of 2 lbs (1 kilo) a week then deduct 2 weeks from your total. Again, please don’t be dismayed if this works out to be a 6 months or more. It is again, just what it is. You can change your body – you can reach your healthy weight – I know you can. It may take you a while longer than you hoped – but it will be worth while – that I promise you!

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